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About Warumono

Greetings and Salutations! My name is Warumono and I am a queer body who has been creating art since I came out of the womb (seriously)... however I have been sewing and performing since the year 2000. That's nineteen years! In that time I have won more than 55+ awards for my works of art, some even internationally, and I run my own business doing just that. I have explored many expressions and talents and I still can't buckle down, so why stick to just one? This page is a hub for everything that I conjure up. Literally busting at the seams (ha) with all that I want to make. From Cosplay and Conventions, Drag Queen and King, Burlesque and Boylesque, Modeling and Fashion, Kink and Fetish, and even Music and Traditional Art. 

I hope we mutually benefit from all of the support my friends and fans give me. If it wasn't for you guys, I would not be doing this for a living. I've had some incredible experiences, met interesting people, and returned with amazing stories (ask me sometime!). I've helped put together and run events across the nation even, awarding and helping other aspiring artists challenge themselves and succeed in something to be proud of - and I've done all of this while managing my own mental illness as much as possible. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and with that comes it's own slew of Anxiety and Depression, as well as Trauma and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. So really, thank you for being present.

By Pledging, this is what you can expect:
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  • Suggestive and NSFW Photos -I am a naturist and am all about loving your body in it's natural state, as well as a practicing member of the BDSM community. 
  • Exclusive Music and Video Clips with how to's and pre-releases!
  • Flash Sales and Discounts on product and merchandise for my Etsy store, Filthy Commissions!
  • Free Product from both my online stores, and my band, Discount Cinema!

But most of all, I know not everyone is financially able to support the artists they love, and that's okay (same though). I still really appreciate what you do in other ways. Pledging, spreading the word, sharing a link, leaving a comment. Without art, the world would be lacking in so much color, flavor, and music. You are the drive to keep me going even when I'm struggling. Thank you!

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If you are already a member of the $100 Bundle, or you've won the Giveaway previously, I will comp you a Weekend Pass to a Con I'm attending!
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