is creating Robots, machines and explains how "Physical Computing" works

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About HomoFaciens

I am creating freely accessible learning materials, focused on electronics and computing, all combined is nowadays named "Physical Computing". You can find my project page at www.HomoFaciens.de. The word HomoFaciens means "making man" or short "maker" and it is derived from Homo Sapiens (which is the "wise man"). I want to make people become interested in robotics and explain in detail how things work.
The projects I am currently working on are:

Creating a simple to build CNC that is a tool, not a toy

This machine is my CNC v3.2 (for details have a look at my project page). The mechanics is made from commonly available materials and build with simple tools:

I will show how to drive the axes using a variety of motors and electronics, starting with DC motors and optical sensors salvaged from old printers. This version is a good choice for people with limited resources that would otherwise not be able to get a hand on a good CNC. I will enhance the capabilities of this machine step by step, using more powerful motors, bipolar stepper motors, routers and a variety of electronics so that you can chose a version that best meets your requirements. The machine is still in an experimental state and continuing development eats a lot of time and money, especially when creating a detailed documentation, enabling many people to make a personal copy of the machine.
To get there, I started with a toy CNC v3.0 that is made of cardboard and paper clips and so simple to replicate. It was made with schools in mind that want to get a simple tool that can be used to explain basic principles of Computerized Numerical Control.


My RoboSpatium is my robot room with camera equipped vehicles that can be controlled for free on my project page have a test run!
The next big thing for this robot project is to send (at least) one remote controlled robot around the world. As a patreon you can back the robot and so turn it into reality. A prototype exists, but the final rover will become smaller and more lightweight in order to reduce shipping costs. With my CNC v3.2 I have the tool that will be used to create a robust vehicle. Besides money, I need your participation to find landing areas for the world tour and to improve the control interface by test driving the robot.

Physical computing - software

I will create a series of videos and additional chapters on my project pages about how to program the GPIOs of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino Uno or similar microcontrollers. Part of the lectures is how to switch power loads or how to sense your environment. Control circuits combine input and output functionalities. That will give you a deeper understanding of how my CNC machines and robots work.

Animated videos

I want to explain in detail how things work and animated videos or simulation software are great tools to do so. One of my latest videos is about stepper motors:
I started creating animations more than 5 years ago and my early videos about semiconductors definitely need an overhaul. My skills in programming and video editing grew over the years and even my English became better. If you are deeply interested in the physics behind computing, leave a comment to help remixing my early videos and enhance that branch of my project page. Videos about the atomic shell, hybridization or basics about quantum physics are more academical than most of my projects, but worth understanding.

Becoming a patreon and leaving comments means voting about my future projects!

Tell me, what you are mostly interested in or what you are missing on my pages. Your feedback helps to improve my projects as well as money does.
As a backer of my projects you get the latest updates prior to others.

Thank you!

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Building a first WorldTourRobot and start test runs
Before sending an explorer to it's missions on planet earth, the control interface and the mechanics must pass several test runs. Become a member of the test driver team here on Patreon.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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