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About Kuroku Labs

We're Open Source developers trying to make the development experience better for other developers like us.

If you're a developer that prefers to work with UNIX as your IDE,
you've probably come to the realization that we have: You've got your Development tools and your preferred Environment in your text editor but the package is lacking when it comes to the Integration.

There are many great language-specific editor plugins and language services
that aim to make the tools work across all these editors, but it still doesn't feel integrated when they all come with their own configuration and other baggage.

That's why we've decided to try another approach: Instead creating yet-another-standard-protocol, we think we'll get better results if we create one tool that integrates well with the rest of our development tools (giving us the I and the D) and then make it work in all our environments (giving us the I.D.E we dreamed of).

Everyone has to start somewhere so we're starting with what we already have: GoSublime an IDE plugin for Go(lang) in Sublime Text, and margo the bridge between the editor and our tools.

So far we've got great (if lacking a little polish) support for auto-completion, linting, in-editor commands, etc. for Go(lang) in Sublime Text and we're already committed to pursuing this idea of bringing this to other editors and languages but we need your help to fund development.

margo, GoSublime and any new editor plugins and tools based on them will remain free forever, therefore your support is needed to help fund developer time, bug fixing, user support, etc.

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