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You get the LINOLEUM KNIFE sticker mailed to your home. You get LK Rx, a daily cultural recommendation just for Club Members: films, TV, music, our favorite candy, whatever. And now you get LINOLEUM KNIFE PRESENTS MORE LINOLEUM KNIFE, a podcast about one older films we want you to know about.


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You get everything the $1 level gets AND:

You get LKTV, a Podcast of The Television. Special guests. Burning issues. A sincere devotion to 90 DAY FIANCE.


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You get everything the $1 and $4 levels get AND:

You get all future episodes of LINOLEUM KNIFE PRESENTS MORE LINOLEUM KNIFE (we try to get those out every other month or so and sometimes we succeed but not always). And most importantly you get LINOLEUM KNIFE + FORK, a food podcast hosted by two film critics. Did you like it all those times we interrupted an endless ramble about cinema's Romanian New Wave to talk about the biscuits Dave was baking? Well, then, you'll like LK+F, a podcast of the food.



About Linoleum Knife

Hello. We are Linoleum Knife. You are a Linoleum Knife listener. It's time, we believe, to make this official. It's time for you to join our club. 

This club has only one membership requirement: your money. Once we have your money, we will buy ingredients to make pastries. Then we will make those pastries. Then we will eat those pastries just before or after creating a podcast. Never during.

No matter which level of membership you choose -- and they start cheap -- you're getting exciting prizes. LKTV for starters. But also household items emblazoned with the name of a podcast you constantly have to explain to friends.

So look at the levels and figure out which exciting prizes excite you the most. Think about which level is right for you. They all are, but you can pick only one.


Are you already an LK Club Member? You are? Great. We want you to stay with us and never leave. 

To that end, we will have a couple new 2019 prizes for you. Some of those prizes are actual merchandise. Some of those prizes are content that we're very excited to crank up and make. Maybe you'll want to change your subscription level to get some of those new prizes. Maybe you won't. No matter what level you're at, you're probably getting something new. Go read about that new stuff over here to your right. Right now. Do it. 

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