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About Magdalene Visaggio


You my know me from making awesome queer-ass comics like KIM & KIM ands VAGRANT QUEEN, but I'm also a musician putting out awesome, queer-ass music. 

My Family Comes From Music

My mom met my dad in 1978 at a party in Long Island attended by the whole LI music scene. My dad, an accomplished rock organist currently performing with Kinetic Element, had just gotten way too into Jesus, and my mom (a groupie for Twisted Sister) thought the dude with the long hair and mustache was cute. So she asked her friend about him. "I think he's really into the Bible?" So she walks up to him, asks him to teach her about the Bible, and they head to his van.

The rest is history.

I've Always Wanted To Do This

I started my first band, a three-piece act without a drummer called The Nash, my freshman year of college. We played one terrible show. My next band, Mapamounde, practiced a bunch but then our viola player had a baby with our drummer and that was that. And frankly, pre-transition, I never had the bandwidth to really do the work. 

But I do now. I've got the bandwidth, and the tools, and I've grown more as a guitarist these last months than in the previous eighteen years. 

Wait, so are you Daisy or Jane?

Neither. That's just the name of the band which, right now, is mostly just me.

What I'm Working With

I've got a gorgeous Epiphone Les Paul, a MacBook Pro with a busted monitor, a $200 keyboard, an M-Audio Solo interface, and Logic Pro X. My wife tackles bass, and I'm trying to get a permanent vocalist.

How can I support?

I'm starting with two tiers:

  1. SUPPORTER - $5/month. Access to new demos as they're recorded!
  2. FAN - $10/month. Access final mixes before release!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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