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About BRdsky

Current 0.4 Status: 1/2 Days completed

Script for Day 9: 100%
CG's for Day 9: 80%
Code for Day 9: 25%

Mentor Life ~ Public Release v0.3

Welcome to this page my friend, my name is BRdsky and I am a solo developer of Mentor Life, a Harem Game with a Mysterious and Romantic/Psychological Novel made in RenPy.

Current Team:
BRdsky: Script, CG's, Code.
My lovely cat [name Donut]: My daily support. 

The idea for the game came in the early summer of 2021. Since then, I've been working every day to create this game. I had absolutely no understanding of how games are made, so I was extremely involved in the process of creating something new. It's an unforgettable feeling when an idea you came up with starts to turn into something interesting.

So if you do not like something in the game then please give me some time, I'm still learning and just recently I knew absolutely nothing about making games. I am always open to new suggestions so if you have any ideas then feel free to write it in the comments below or dm me.

The Ministry of Control sends you to a new high school that just recently appeared in the ranking of schools in Tokyo. As a new mentor you will have to gather the strongest students around you and conquer the top of this ranking. Attend clubs, build relationships with girls, follow their stories, and train them. Select the best candidates to join existing clubs and open new ones. To determine rankings, the Ministry will schedule competitions between schools, where clubs of the same specialty will compete for the title of the best club. The school with the most wins will be able to get free tuition at any university in Japan. Therefore, every school tries to recruit the best students and create unbeatable clubs. Perhaps one day you can open your own Mentor club? Who knows...

I don't like certain genres/fetishes in the game, can I skip them?
Yes, if you don't like foot fetish for example, you will be offered other options to suit your taste.

Yes, pregnancy is in the plan. First of all, it will be the teachers, principal, and parents of the students.
As for the students... I need time to figure out how best to implement this.

There will be NTR?
NTR, Sharing, Cuckolding will NEVER be present in this game.

Will my choices have any effect on the story of the game?
There are no right or wrong choices here, choose with your soul and enjoy the story.

Why can't I skip a girl if I don't like her?
Hey, give her a chance, each girl will take an important place in the history of the game.
Maybe in the future she can attract you with her fetishes and more? :)

Why should I support you?
Because I am fully committed to this game. I spend all day working and thinking about this game and I love it. I've never felt so inspired to do anything before. I'm a one man crew and your support helps me out tremendously. Your support makes it all possible. Thank you all so much for playing my game. <3

Scenes made in Koikatsu! by, support the developers!

Clicking the image will bring you to the Mentor Life discord server!

If you're a Patron, make sure to connect your Patreon and Discord accounts to get access to your Discord rewards!


All characters are fictional and 18+ years old.

This game doesn't include any illegal or forbidden content according to the Patreon TOS.
11% complete
The first and most important goal is to help determine the future of this game. If we can achieve this goal, I will be able to offer you the following suggestions for the game:

  • Now you can get the girls' phone number and always be in touch with them. Perhaps some of them would like to share something interesting with you?
  • "Weekend Time." What to do on weekend? That's right, go on a date. With the help of patreon voting every game weekend we will choose a new girl with whom you will spend the weekend.
  • The principal returns from a business trip. Will she be your friend or your enemy?
  • Free dress code. Students will have the opportunity to dress as they wish. [re-design of all main characters].
  • Club Day. Hey, why don't we do a club day? Each student can choose a club they like and spend the day with their favorite club members. Do you think the club presidents will be happy about this idea?
  • More lust scenes.
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