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Thank you for supporting our work. This tier is mostly to support our work, but you also get great music! It's perfect if you use our YouTube channel for your sessions and want to give us something in return, or if you run a podcast and want to show your appreciation. You get some community content in return :
  • Music. Four orchestral songs composed by Filip Melvan each month.
  • Membership. You have access to the patreon feed and I receive a notification when you participate.
  • Discord Role. Your name gets a shiny color on Patreon, YAY! Everyone sees your support goes beyond words.
  • Exclusive Discord channel. You get access to a Patron only channel on the Discord. Replying on that channel is my priority!
Includes Discord benefits


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Download ambiences that you can't find anywhere else
  • All of the 3$ rewards.
  • Exclusive ambiences. You get at least ten ambiences/month. That's why you are here!
  • Moulinette Integration (FoundryVTT). You get access to our content directly into Moulinette! Check the link in the pinned post.
Bonus content
  • Polls. You can vote to chose an ambience, or more!
  • Collaborations. Each month we collaborate with fantastic artists from all around the world. They create exclusive battlemaps, magic items, tokens, etc. made to be used with our audio, providing you easy-to-use packs for your sessions.
Includes Discord benefits


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Our main tier.
Download ALL the Patreon-exclusive ambiences + Music + SFX + bonus
  • All of the 3$ and 5$ rewards.
  • More Ambiences. More often exclusive alternative ambiences to download
  • Music. You will be able to download eight music tracks per month made by Filip, and sometimes additional ones made by Michael.
  • SFX. At least 5 meaningful one-shot sound effects (Magic item, cristals crashing, doors exploding, etc.). We make sounds that make sense, way beyond the boring [Zombie_attack_1] etc.
  • Other exclusive D&D content. Such as item cards, homebrew rules, full scenarios, etc. All is made through the many collaborations we make with fantastic content creators.
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About Michaël Ghelfi Music

We are a group of bards working under the name of Michael Ghelfi Music. The team is composed of Michael Ghelfi and Filip Melvan. We are expanding the ultimate audio ambiences library for Tabletop Roleplaying Games.

Michael Ghelfi is an ENNIES-awarded sound designer and orchestral music composer from the misty mountains (Switzerland).
Filip Melvan is the composer behind Tabletop Music Bazaar, and joined Michael in November 2021. He has been playing piano for 20 years and composing orchestral music for 10 years.

We manage the most comprehensive and immersive TTRPG audio library on YouTube, with already more than 750 ambiences and 180 songs. You can see the full list of compositions here. The community is huge as well with 94'000 members, and thousands new each month. You can hear our work in hundreds of podcasts, movies, music and games, such as MORDHAU or The Black Dahlia Murder.

TTRPG Content Creators can use our audio for their projects. Please check that link to learn about licensing.

300+ (and growing) exclusive ambiences you can't find anywhere else!* Not even on our YouTube channel or on our Bandcamp store page. Also, you get access to fantasy orchestral music, incredible battlemaps and many other homebrew content made by other creators.

All ambiences are in .ogg format and in 5-8 minutes seamless loops. The music is available in .ogg, .mp3 and .flac. Most of our ambiences come in different variations. By example, for a haunted forest ambience, you can expect with/without monsters versions, different "haunted" layers, with/without campfire, etc. and all are compatible with Roll20, Foundry and other VTTs. Our content is also made available on Moulinette at the end of each month.

We also compose SFXs, which are one-shot sounds with a duration between 3 to 60 seconds. We only compose meaningful SFXs, such as intricate trap mechanisms, magical portal openings, etc. Sounds that shall be remembered!

You can give a look at the Guild Library (MASTER ARCHIVE), where you can already get a few gifts (free) and see how many things you could download by joining us.

You'll have the opportunity to join the thriving Discord community and discuss Worldbuilding and D&D with hundreds of adventurers like you.

*Please note that pledging on Patreon doesn't give you access to the ambiences on Bandcamp/YouTube. It's separated. Bandcamp/YouTube and Patreon are complementary to one another. If you have to chose, financially, Patreon is more interesting though. If you want more informations, please visit our Official Website.

Official Website
Download on Bandcamp
 Foundry Modules of our albums on our website

$2,886.22 of $3,700 per month
Recruitement of a SFX composer
SFX is a fantastic addition to the packages we release. However, due to the work they require, Michael can only create 5 to 10 of them monthly.
Once we reach that threshold, we'll hire a SFX composer to create dozens of SFX each month.
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