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is creating art and writings about healthspan research, basic income & more.

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You are appreciated for truly helping me to create more content! You are helping Michael Ten to spread ideas about futurism and defeating aging. This helps me to spend more time writing and creating art! Thank you.

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You are part of Team Ten since you will be helping me to create more prolifically while also dedicating more time to these endeavors. Thank you for your support! 



About Michael Ten

I am Michael Ten. I write about futurism and human rights. I create art and music. 

I post on YouTube, Reddit, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Steemit, and more. 

I am attempting to help hasten the defeat of aging. This is related to healthspan research. Lifespan is how long someone lives. Healthspan is how long someone lives in a healthy non-decrepit  state. I write about this. I post on social media about. I am trying to help spark a revolution so that massive amounts of individuals support defeating aging. 

I am attempting to support efforts to implement a universal basic income either through national fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. 

I am attempting to help outlaw nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion. 

Please support me on Patreon so that I can eventually focus on these worthwhile goals full time. 

I will post on Patreon frequently and keep you updated in regards to my efforts described above in in my intro videos!

Thank you for your support (or considering offering your support). Cheers! 
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At this point I should nearly be able to focus all my efforts on creating art and writing about futurism and human rights. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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