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curious pony

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This is a tip jar tier. its at 2 dollars because if it was 1 dollar. 65 percent of it is auto taken by patreon and the rest is eaten by paypal transition. 

Helpful horse

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This tier gets access to animations (and animation wips) I make a month earlier then anyone else. As well as early access to images. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on patreon (litterally the site your reading this on or contact source blog for access to my discord if you cannot reach me here).

Includes Discord benefits

The naughty pony

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This tier has all above tier rewards. and allows access to tags in my discord which give you a special room to interact with me and have a direct impact on my work.

This tier also will be allowed to vote on some future projects

(this tier may undergo multiple changes) 

As of right now. I have not had votes in some time (there are plans for some) but Its been some times and there far off. This tier is just a "even more supportive" tier like the 15 dollar tier. It at most gives you a different color name in the discord server and another room that no one really uses at the moment. 

Includes Discord benefits




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About MrTektite n Cryowolf

Welcome to my patreon page. My name is Mr.Tektite or Tek for short. I am a 3D animator and 3D poser and I use source film maker. (recently im temporarily being joined by cryowolf to help him out. his art has water marks on it)

What will Tek n cryo be making? 
3D horse sex mostly. we do how ever make other stuff. Like shy gals or furry or other fan characters and what not. 
What is Patreon?
Patreon is a website that allows you to support content creators. like the little shit who wrote what your currently reading. 
How does it work?
You need to sign up on this website first.
Then put in a bank account that will be charged whatever you have pledged. (or a paypal.)
What do I get for doing this? 
The warm fuzzy feeling that you helped cream fill a filly. or helped that one horse get its ass nice and stretched... you know. porn :D

Are you going to stop making stuff if you don't get pledges?
If I don't make a minimum amount then yes id be forced to stop and move on with life to a miserable real life job and die inside. This is my only source of income and how i pay bills. (I have low bills being I live with relatives)

If I pledge enough does that get me your models?
No. Sorry but I've invested alot of money in most of what I have. (im somewere around 1-2k at this point for expenses in the last 4 years on models) 
$468.47 of $500 per month
So. As i write this. the vote for videos to contain audio as reached 99 votes for yes. so. here it is. If I reach this number. i will go back and add audio to some of my works and ill make sure future content has audio. THIS INCLUDES REQUEST STREAM VIDEOS IF I CHOOSE TO TAKE SAID ANIMATION REQUESTS

I will do my best to find audio to add. and ill all around try my best to make it hot o.o
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