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About NealGuides

So, you want to get better at FIFA? What if I can offer you a series that can guarantee you will improve? NealGuides’ twenty years of FIFA / football simulator knowledge all in one place!
Sign up and get access to FIFA school, the in-depth video series created by NealGuides, which consists of a progressive learning format with elaborate tutorials/guides teaching you everything you need to know in detail, beyond the scope on what is shown on regular youtube tutorials.
FIFA School is a systematic learning process, in which the first videos you start from the basics such as settings, then progressing onto gameplay, each episode has been designed to be progressively worked on, so what you will learnt so far will only be in that episode , the content in each episode consists of carefully selected footage that has been acquired tailored to create that specific episode in align with the learning process, so the walkthrough and tutorials will only have gameplay of what you have learnt so far. As you progress through the video series & tutorials, you will constantly be adding new aspects to your gameplay and learning new mechanics to take your gameplay to another level and at the same time learning and improving your core skills.

It does not matter what your current skill level is, whether you are Division 1 or Division 10, the course is structure in a way in which every episode you learn something new, even if you think you know it already. Many Elite players have joined, started from the beginning and still learnt new aspects that they did not know before.
FIFA School video formats show How to do certain action, but also show you Why, Where & When to perform it. These are normally followed by a walkthrough showing you in-game real example which are analysed and explained in detail. That means what you learn will also help you improve your total skill level, understanding of FIFA & football and be able to dominate your opponents in any FIFA edition.

The FIFA school is made for all FIFA editions, but the videos and footage is tailored towards FIFA 22 to keep all the information up to date & ensures you get a holistic approach to learning FIFA so your skill level becomes versatile. After a successful year of starting FIFA School, 100s of clients have joined the FIFA School, became better and many have stayed on for the journey.
If followed correctly, you should improve your gameplay, gain better understanding of FIFA and alternatively learn how the top tier players utilise certain actions to increase performance levels. That is the NealGuides Guarantee, or your money back after the first month!

Have a look at some of our tiers as we offer difference services depending on what you require:
  • -Access to FIFA School in-depth Video Series [All Tutorials, Guides, Walkthroughs & More]
  • -Access to FIFA Academy [Short video series & Analysis/Questions through the Discord]
  • -Access to the VIP Discord to find like-minded mature FIFA Enthusiast (incl Squad Reviews)
  • -Discounts on 1-on-1 coaching (more info at
  • -Trading Signals telling you what to buy & when [please note this is not a trading discord, this is purely gameplay, but we do have a a tiny bit of signals and trading info, so only sub to the top tier if you want a discount on coaching]

Join us now and if you don’t become the better FIFA player, you will get your money back after the first month. Join many others just like you, you have nothing to lose that is the NealGuides Guaranatee. Let’s start your journey towards your FIFA Education.
Please be aware this Patreon is for 18+ Only. All money is reinvested back into the content.

* Note payment is taken on the first of every month [Patreon does it by the first and not on the date you join], however if you do join lets say for example you sign up on the 20th January, you will get charged again on the 1st February. If you do decide to leave, I will refund your money the month after on the day you leave, so lets say you leave on the 20th of February in theory, you will still get charged for February, but let me know around the 1st February that you are leaving, so then around the 20th you can cancel, and I can refund your money, so this way you get the full month without paying extra. Alternatively you can just wait until the first few days of the month to sign up.
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Let me break even and pay for my rent/software/free lancers/production cost and do this full time!
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