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About Neon Divide

What is Neon Divide?
The World's Largest Episodic Virtual Reality Production!
Welcome to the futuristic cyberpunk slum of Neon Divide, a massive VR roleplay project of over 150 virtual roleplayers all interacting with each other across multiple world maps within the same setting and narrative. Using VRChat’s platform we have been able to find a user-friendly way to host a large-scale production where events unfold and can be witnessed differently through every character’s viewpoint on

While the overall storyline and plot is written and directed by professional game masters, the majority of the story is created in real-time as events unfold and are experienced by the characters in this living world. Follow the citizens of this hell hole as they try to scrape out a living in a city run by oppressive Megacorporations, and where success is simply staying alive.

Why Patreon?
Neon Divide is an independent RP project that relies on crowd support from its cast and community, and this Patreon serves as one of the ways that contributions can be given to support the project. Any support is appreciated even at the most basic tier, but for those who chose to contribute more, we have some other cool offerings to help immerse you in the magic of Neon Divide.

Our Plans for Season 3 and Beyond
Season 3 is currently in progress, but we are still actively developing and story writing for Neon Divide. There are several major updates that will be featured both from a VR map and from a game design perspective.

From a map standpoint, our developers have crafted up a universal shadowrun map (our 5th map), that allows players to go on impromptu raids and missions without having to develop a custom map every time. This map is completely customizable and reconfigurable so Game Masters can create a fresh engagement every time! We hope to add more new maps like this in addition to expansions to our existing maps like the Wasteland and the Undercity.

For gameplay systems, we have designed a crafting system that allows players to gather actual resources in the Neon Divide maps and craft them together into new and exciting tools and equipment creating fun and engaging game loops to promote in-character cooperation and conflict. We are also progressively updating our combat system where players will actually experience visual status effects like being lit on fire, being poisoned, slowed, healed etc. enabling a slew of new prop, character, and weapon interactions. 

Use of funds
The funds generated from this Patreon will be used to fund the development, story writing and administration of Neon Divide and its related content

$1,379.43 of $3,000 per month
Wasteland Marshlands Expansion
A new adventure region set in a toxic marshland on the outskirts of the wasteland, hosting a new assortment of experiences, resources, and dangers.

Asset Expansion
Allows us to acquire new pre-fab unity asset packs to assist in fleshing out and livening up old and new maps, as well as cut down on time for development of future maps.
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