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  • The Patron role in our server to flex on everyone
  • Special music perks
    • Access to our built-in playlists system that allows you to save, play, edit and remove your own playlists
    • Access to the volume command
    • The ability to have Atlas automatically pick related songs and queue them for you through the autoplay command
    • The ability to play Spotify tracks and playlists through Atlas
  • Priority support on any issues you have - just join our support server and ask.
Includes Discord benefits


per month
  • The Premium role in our server 
  • Perks from the “Supporter” tier
  • "a!tags" limit raised from 25 to 100
  • Action limit raised from 25 to 50
  • Access to the "Suggestions" plugin

Rewards in this tier apply to everyone in every server you own. This will be changed in the future, but for now that’s how it is. Additionally, you will get Supporter perks in any server you use Atlas in.

Includes Discord benefits



About Sylver

Hello :)

I'm Sylver. Aside from usually breaking things, I'm the person who makes Atlas tick. Atlas does just about everything a Discord server could need - music, moderation, custom commands, a dashboard, and other helpful things that you may need, like an embed builder to build those sick embeds. Now, as cool as this is, some things do cost money. Things like domains, servers, and many other things that make Atlas what it is aren't free. This is how you come in. If you want to keep Atlas running, just a dollar a month can go a long way! You also get some awesome perks in return, and priority support. It's basically win/win.

What do you do with my money?

Your money will go towards improving Atlas and everything about it. Better, faster, stronger, faster - better support, less outages, better music, and more features. 
100% complete
We would start the rather long process of letting other users use some parts of our API directly - this includes image generation, game/movie/show lookup, and maybe feeds (YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, RSS notifications via webhooks).
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