Olafenwa Moses

Olafenwa Moses

Creating ImageAI - Easy to use deep computer vision library

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About Olafenwa Moses

ImageAI is a free and open-source python library to empower developers and researchers to use state-of-the-art AI features in few lines of code. The ImageAI project allows you to create new recognition and detection AI models, detect objects in images and videos as well as perform analytics on the results. ImageAI is used by over 100,000 developers, researchers and teams globally with 10,000 monthly installs on PyPi and over 600,000 reads for its tutorials.

The aim of the project is to 
- empower developers to use state-of-the-art AI without necessarily necessarily taking the path of learning complex machine learning and deep learning concepts
-  provide access to pre-trained AI recognition and detection features
- allow easy training and deployment of new recognition and detection AI models for custom use cases
- allow development of projects and applications with self-contained computer vision capabilities.

The ImageAI project is highly supported with extensive documentations, various tutorials, sample codes and community forum that we have provided to ensure developers can make the best of project. Below are details on the features and resources provided via the ImageAI project.

- Official Repository: ImageAI on GitHub
- Official English documentation
- Official Website
- ImageAI Tutorials 
- ImageAI Community Forum
- ImageAI supports recognition of 1000 objects and detection of 80 objects in images and videos
- It allows training of new recognition and object detection models to recognize and detect new objects in images and videos
- It provides video analysis for objects detected in videos

We continue to update and publish more tutorials on the project to allow more developers and team to benefit from today's progress in Artificial Intelligence. Your support is very vital to the progress of the project, addition of new features and documentation. If the project has been helpful to you, feel free to financially support. You can also share this with friends and colleagues who can benefit from the project and support it as well.

Find below popular tutorials on the ImageAI project.

Object detection with 10 lines of code
Train Image Recognition AI in 5 lines of code
Train Object Detection AI in with with 6 lines of code
Detecting objects in videos and camera feeds using Keras, OpenCV, and ImageAI

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