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About Peg Robinson

Hi. I'm Peg Robinson--a pro writer with a long history in fanfic. I was one of the early online fan writers on the Usenet, producing the Star Trek: Voyager fanfic "Talking Stick/Circle" with my partner, Macedon. Over the past few years I've produced fanfic as "Tammany" on AO3 and other fan forums. As a pro freelance writer under my own name I've made my living in non-fiction writing and editing. I am an active SFWA member with over six pro fiction sales.

I won publication in the first and second Star Trek: Strange New Worlds collections. I received honorable mentionfrom the L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future competition for "The Spinster and the Clever Man," and eventually sold the same story to Cicada Magazine. There's a long, odd story about that, as WotF no longer gives honorable mentions, but there it is. It happened. My novella "Tonino and the Incubus" qualified for the 2007 Nebulas. 

I am on Patreon because I love to write and also love the immediate satisfaction of offering my work to my readers. I've worked both professionally and in the fan writing world, and have found I hate the lag between writing and pro publication. However, I also hate not getting paid. Writing is hard work and income is necessary. Patreon lets me suit my publishing pattern to each piece, knowing I can reach readers quickly, without long delays.

Over the years I've been blessed with the support of thousands of readers in the fan world and as a pro. Every interaction I've had added energy to my day and interest to my writing. I'm grateful to all of you for supporting my writing life this way, and grateful to Patreon for providing a platform to try to expand that support.

I have been online for many years, and writing for even longer than I've been online; however, this is the first time I have attempted a format and a writing schedule of this type. The following is what I hope will be a normal month's production, but it is only a first estimate based on my usual production levels. I think I can manage the following, but time may prove me optimistic. If so I'll let subscribers know as I refine my estimates.

Monthly goals:

One chapter minimum--approx. 2-3,000 words--of "The Hornbeam Staff," a novel being written in real time, first draft. The setting is alternate history WWI Angeland, the genre is fantasy. This is intended to be a serial with monthly updates.

One chapter minimum of "The Waterloo Documents," a nearly completed Regency era historical mystery-romance novel being revised into second draft. Another serial with monthly updates.

One short story if possible. My short-story output has always been variable, but I will attempt and average of one short per month.

At least one essay in The Food Salon: I am a gourmand and a glutton with a passion for good food, from things almost everyone likes (baked chicken, good salads) to things some people like (clams, oysters, and mussels) to things relatively few people like (liver). I hope to write a minimum of one monthly essay on some food I am eating, cooking, of merely dreaming of with longing. 

Various essays: I considered attempting a journal, but I think of things on an erratic basis and find essays scattershot all over the topic realm.

Occasional original art: I am not a pro artist. This does not prevent me from doodling and trying to master drawing on my tablet computer. On occasion I may get pieces I like, draw a cartoon I think is cute, and so on. I see no reason NOT to throw that up online to amuse you all. Just don't expect genius--I'm a duffer with pretensions of grandeur at best.

I will also be adding bonuses and goodies to reward those subscribing at higher levels. However, the majority of my writing will be aimed at my entire audience, with goodies for higher ranks a matter of trying to provide some added value or just a bit of fun. There is no way to "repay" those of you who contribute and help pull me and mine into solvency...and that is true of even the least of my subscribers. Bonuses will be little flourishes intended to charm or illuminate far more than they can ever hope to repay your generosity.

I hope this gives those of you considering subscription a good sense of what I plan to provide in return for subscription. Thank you. I do hope very much you subscribe. I believe I offer good value, great stories. I know I offer profound appreciation for a more stable income.

Patron Lists of Honor:
Copper Patron
Blade McMicking, DI, is my very first Copper Patron.

Note: The dragon image used on this page was found on Wikimedia Commons, was taken by Bernard Gagnon, and is used on a Share and Share Alike contract.
$67.88 of $500 per month
If this Patreon makes me a reliable $500 per month, it will add roughly half-again my predictable income, allowing me to stop living in total terror of a blocked drain or a lost shingle on my roof. If you all subscribe at that level, I will commit to providing a "recipe" every week, in the pinch-of-this, pound-or-so-of-that style of my Food Salon essays.
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