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Melogale genus. The smallest variety of badger, between 1-3 kg in mass, and 30-40cm long. Very cute.
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Chamitataxus genus. A type of badger which lived around six million years ago, but is now extinct. Very few specimens have been uncovered.
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Arctonyx collaris. A very large species of badger, currently listed as vulnerable due to poaching.
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About QuantumBadger

Hi! I'm QuantumBadger, developer of RedReader since 2013, and Speedy2D since 2021.

I'm passionate about:
  • Free and open source software
  • Digital privacy
  • Burrowing for food underground
  • Coding in Rust

It's important to me that the software I write respects users' freedom and privacy. RedReader and Speedy2D are fully open source, allowing you to inspect and modify the inner workings however you like.
If you're a regular user of something I maintain, contributions are greatly welcomed and will help cover some of the costs involved in running the projects. Thank you!


A clean, minimalistic client for Reddit on Android. Open source under the GPLv3.


Open source Rust library for drawing 2D graphics/text, and handling mouse/keyboard input. Aims to be as easy as possible: create a window and draw a rectangle with just a few lines of code. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and WebGL.

Badger photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

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