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About ReadyPlayerEmma

Hello internet! I'm new to this whole streaming thing, and to producing my own content instead of someone else's. I'm experimenting here and we'll see how it goes.

One thing I will definitely be exploring as a theme, is virtual reality. A lot of these videos and streams will likely take place in VRChat, at least for now. I want to share what my experiences have been in that virtual world.
Sometimes I stream myself and others solving a puzzle world, which is one of my favorite things to do in VRChat. Other times, interviewing others about their experiences in VR, and potentially about their real lives.
I want to have some discussions about the social impacts of such a place, and the philosophical and psychological aspects of what it means to interact socially there.

I also play Beat Saber in a kinda unique way, with full-body tracking and an avatar + a third-person camera. Come request songs and watch me be silly :p

I am also working on building a VRChat world where I can teach classes on programming in Python, information security, and other topics.

I hope you will join me on my adventures ^ ^

P. S.
Maybe also on discord? ^ ^

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