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For this tier in the past, we made physical posters of our commissioned art signed by the Devs as a thank you. These have been shipped out and this project has ended. We will have future tiers and benefits in the future - whatever we determine, you will be eligible for! Stay tuned.

You will also get basic patron rewards as well.

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About Red Core Developers

Hi there!
We're the core developers for Red-DiscordBot - a self-hosted, open-source, fully-modular Discord Bot originally created by Twentysix. Since the project has grown, we've expanded to a group led project headed by a group of 6 creators (Twentysix, Will (tekulvw), irdumb, Kowlin, Palm, and Tobotimus). 

We've worked hard to create, maintain, and evolve this project. This is an open-source project to provide a high-quality, customizable, easy-to-use bot for anyone to use. Everything is free including the code, the support, and the hundreds of cogs that it can be customized with and we fully intend to keep it that way. All we ask for is to keep the credit in the code to recognize the source of the work, and for others not to monetize our work. 

Red is backed by a passionate and ever-growing community. We hope to encourage others to learn to code by providing an easy place to start by creating their own custom cogs and sharing them with others. This not only expands the customizability of Red, but also encourages others to code in a community with other passionate coders.  

We also recognize that our community members want to contribute in other ways - so we've revamped our Patreon system. Now, our funds will go directly back into the community and we will maintain full transparency on what money we have accumulated and where it is being spent. We have few costs, but we have a lot of ideas on how we can best use what you contribute. This includes charities, future swag, raffles, and potential hosting costs. 

We thank you for considering donating to our project. 

(perks and tiers coming soon)
$100 - reached! per month
If we reach $100 per month, we will absolutely start making swag to give away in the community.

We've actually gone ahead and started making this happen anyway with posters! <3
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