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Robot Lover

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• Discuss the game with other patrons in Discord VIP channel
• Access the patrons only post to follow updates.
• We just released our first project "Robolife-Days with Aino" and prepare for next project. 
• If your total pledge more than price( $14) you will get our next project's steam key once the game is released.
• Discord Role - VIP

• 可加入Discord群組並在裡面討論關於本作品的相關一切
• 查看最新開發進度文章
• 我們剛完成並上架第一款作品"AI愛諾-機娘育成方程式",並且正在規劃開發下一款作品。
• 訂閱累積的金額超過遊戲定價( $14) 會在我們下一款新作遊戲正式上架時獲得Steam序號
• Discord 特殊身分 - VIP
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  • General Support

Robot guardian

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All of the above
Get access chance to polls to vote for Costume/Side story
• NSFW progress pictures (Uncensored)
• Your name in credits of next game title! 

NSWF 步兵圖
• 您的名字會出現在未來開發作品的感謝名單中
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support

Robot shogun

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• All of the above
• Get the alpha build of Robo-Life when it's set-up
獲得測試檔案 (當測試檔案完成時)
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support



About Barance Studio

"RoboLife" is a comedy visual novel contains "Time Allocation" and "Simulation" with some "NSFW" features.
You will be allow to build different parts for your heroine, Aino in different routes of stories.

To graduate from AHROY University, one must upgrade the android provided to showcase their contribution to the society.

However, mine was blown to pieces in an unfortunate accident, which brought me to the dumping site looking for a spare. That's how I met Aino, and our story begins here.
When Aino opened her eyes, the first order she received is trying to kill me!?

Aino, an Android you retrieved from a dumping site, has some issues however. The most noticeably one being a Black-Box zone inside her body, which made her lost all memories. She will be your Android and lives with you for the next 90 days. You will need to make her operational and improve her functions to find out about the secret inside her. 3 different route of stories from 3 different jobs. There are also side stories beside the main one, and you will be able to build different parts for Aino upon clearing those stories.

We are a new team based in Taiwan with 3 core members. Life has been getting so tough lately, especially in 2020, and we want to bring some joy to the players this year. RoboLife is a RomCom Visual Novel, vanilla flavoured. Our inspirations include Princess Maker,Love Esquire, Rance series, Marionette Company and other various Galge titles that we've played before. We hope you enjoy this game. We want to create fun games in creative ways, with cute characters, and playful stories.

Barancestudio is an Indie-dev team from Taiwan. As a small team, our resource is limited.
To create a high quality visual novel game takes a lot of resources, and making more contents is our goals.
Therefore we want to provide a place for fans with an outlet to express their support to help aid our titles. If you like our work or idea, Patreon will act as a supplementary means to assist our team.

Allocation of Supports

40% illustration / CG Works
30% Game Develop
15% Music / Sound / Video
15% Story / Project Plan / Languages / Etc..

Supported Language


• If your total pledge more than price($14) will get you the Steam key once the game is released.
• Discuss the game with other patrons
• Has special VIP role in Discord server.
• The newest beta builds and some peripheral creations(arts...etc.).
• More contents will be planned after more supports......
All support is greatly appreciated, financial or not.





若總贊助金額超過屆時售價美金14元(售價14.99),上架後將會傳送steam key給您

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