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At this level and beyond, you will get not only my eternal thanks, but also a public thanks on my personal Twitter account. You also get access to any demo versions of Chimera, up to version 0.6, as well as all of my micro-RPG games as I create them.
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About Ryan Boelter

My name is Ryan Boelter and I am a demimale non-binary game designer, podcaster and writer working on a variety of multimedia projects. By supporting me here on Patreon, you are helping support many of my projects like the ones below!


I am currently one of the creators and co-hosts on Character Creation Cast, but that is part of the One Shot Podcast Network, and if you'd like to support that show specifically, please head over there and give them money instead, because that will help me out as well.

They can be found at https://patreon.com/oneshotpodcast.

Side Heroes

I'm also working on an Audio Drama podcast called Side Heroes.

This will be an anthology podcast that will tell a story from the perspective of a single, important, non-powered individual in a superhero's life. This can be the best friend, the spouse, the parent, the child, the lover. It will revolve around their relationship with the hero as well as how they deal with the hero's life of crime fighting and saving the world.

Each season will feature a new main character/hero pairing and each season my build upon a greater, overarching plot line. These stories will heavily favor diversity throughout and the first season will follow Amy and Mishra told from Amy's perspective.

Mishra is a feline, alien, pansexual woman from another planet who crashed on earth years prior, was shunned by society due to her appearance, and finally was taken in by Amy, just an ordinary human, bisexual woman with a good heart. We'll follow their growing friendship and find out how Amy's feelings for Mishra change as they grow together, as Mishra starts fighting crime, and how Amy deals with the end of Mishra's story.

This project is very much at the beginning stages of development, but I hope to ramp up development and writing by the end of the year, if not early next year.

Game Design

Chimera RPG

First and foremost is my Chimera Role-Playing Game. This is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that plays with the idea of genre.

You will select one or more genre modules to play with, use this blend of genres to create the world you are going to be playing in, select one primary playbook and one secondary playbook between all the genre modules used, and then select an array of abilities/moves from those playbooks.

Current genres for the base game:
  • Fantasy (D&D inspired)
  • Superheroes (Marvel, DC inspired)
  • Magical Girls (Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc inspired)
More genres planned:
  • Cyberpunk (Shadowrun inspired)
  • Urban Fantasy (Modern werewolves, vampires, magic)
  • Space Adventure (Star Trek inspired)
  • Space Opera (Star Wars, Flash Gordon inspired)

Itch.io games

You'll be able to find a majority of my games for sale (or free) over on my lordneptune.itch.io page. I'll be releasing all of my micro RPG games there, but as a patron, you will get access to my entire catalog of micro RPGs as they release. I will also be implementing a community copy system on my itch.io page, which means for every copy I sell, I will have a community copy available for free that anyone can grab, no questions asked.


Eventually, I would like to tackle writing a novel.

For now, I've mainly been sticking to short stories, especially in the form of character backgrounds for some of the characters I've played.

The novel I have planned is going to be titled "A Heroes' Awakening" where the premise is three or four people, unknown to one another, in a fantasy world become aware of their destinies through, what they perceive as, coincidence and luck. In reality, their fates have been tied together for generations. Can they find one another in time to save the world from a hidden threat?

I also would be very interested in writing a novel that takes place in a cyberpunk setting, but I have not given that much thought as of yet.

Why Patreon?

I spend a lot of time and effort in my endeavors while helping raise two children and supporting my spouse staying home full time for said children.

Most of my money is going toward necessities right now with very little toward things to help reduce my stress levels.

Also, it would be very helpful to gain enough money to upgrade my podcasting computer, since that was built way back in 2009 and is starting to show its age.

I'd also like to replace my laptop since it's seen a couple major spills in its life and now it's become quite the hassle for editing and writing at home.

But, also, I wanted to have a place I could share some extra goodies with supporters that they wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

What do you get by supporting me?

First of all, my gratitude for helping me financially, at any amount. You'll get some behind the scenes development progress on my RPGs and my audio drama podcast. I may also relay information about other going-ons in my life that I wouldn't post elsewhere. These updates may appear as blog posts, audio posts or even video posts, if I can figure that all out.

You'll also get some insight into my creative processes, which might be helpful or interesting to some of you.

But, mostly, you'll be helping me stay accountable for my projects so that I can actually complete them in a more timely manner, which means you'll get to get the finished products faster, which means everyone is happier!
$4.60 of $20 per month
Once Side Heroes ramps up in production, this will ensure we have proper hosting capabilities for the podcast as well as pay for dropbox space to store our audio files. Until Side Heroes starts, this will pay for Dropbox space to host the finished audio files for my freelance sound design work and Chimera Playtest materials.
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