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SIFTD is the world's most advanced gaming website from veteran games journalist Shane Satterfield. He used to work at GameSpot, TechTV, G4, GameTrailers, and Spike Digital Entertainment. Now he's creating video game content with the help of his friends. Michael Pachter returns with Pachter Factor and Shane has a new podcast called GameFace with his former colleague at G4, Matt Keil. SIFTD has a bunch of other shows that you can check out below.

Become a patron to SIFTD to get early access to all its content and join its community of passionate adult gamers at The site hand curates the best gaming content from your favorite websites, YouTubers, and streamers and then delivers you a custom content feed based on your tastes. The site already has over 100,000 pieces of content loaded into its machine that you can "sift" by 60 different categories! There's no other site like it, and no matter how smart you think you are at gathering gaming news it's a huge time-saver.

SIFTD has been in operation since June 2015 and with this move to Patreon we're hoping our content can reach a new audience so we can grow and become even more ambitious!

Here's a look at our goals. They're all designed to give you more of what you want. 

Pachter Factor - $2000
GameFace - $3000
Good Morning Gaming/Ask Shane Anything - $4000
A Second Episode of GameFace Per Week - $6000

Video Game Evals - $8000
Larger Studio - $10,000
Paid Curator - $15,000
New Entertainment Channel/Podcast - $20,000
Full-Time Games Editorial - $25,000
New Sports Channel/Podcast - $40,000

Here are some examples of the shows we're currently producing. With your generous pledge we'd like to create these more frequently in addition to adding new shows we currently have in the concept stage. We try to do things a little differently. We're not huge fans of the cult of personality that has sprung up around games coverage. We would prefer you worship the games and not us! So expect to see a lot more gameplay footage in our content than perhaps you're used to these days. Everything we do is targeted at making you more informed so you can spend your money wisely and save time while doing it.

These are the shows you can count on to be published on a consistent basis. You'll get access to all of it early if you pledge at our $4 tier.

This weekly three-hour videocast hosted by Shane Satterfield and Matt Keil is SIFTD's flagship show. GameFace tackles all the big news and games from each week and doesn't shy away from controversial topics or heated discussion. Each discussion is bolstered by gameplay B-roll and professional camera cuts, which you won't find anywhere else. With your pledge we hope to continue to produce the show, but one of our big goals is to produce a second episode each week to make it even more timely. Patrons have access to an MP3/podcast version to take on the go.

Pachter Factor

If you're an old fan of GameTrailers, or just follow video games closely, then you likely know Michael Pachter. He's one of the industry's most prominent financial analysts and several times per week he answers your questions related to the business of video games. Patrons get every episode a week early, have priority in asking questions for the show, and have access to an MP3/podcast version.

Three Night Weekend
Shane has been covering video games for over 20 years and he's made a lot of friends along the way. Three Night Weekend is a weekly, hour-long discussion with luminaries from the industry where you get to know them on a much more personal level. The show also runs down all the entertainment options for the weekend to help you maximize your time off. You'll never know who will end up on the show and patrons get a podcast/MP3 version to take with them wherever they may roam.

Game Pass or Fail

Game services are quickly taking over the industry--allowing you to pay a monthly fee to play a large selection of games. This show randomly selects a new game each week, gives you a quick rundown of its features, compares it to similar games on the service, and then determines whether it's worth your valuable time. Patrons also get podcast/MP3 versions of this show.

Ask Shane Anything
In this show Shane answers questions ranging from his takes on gaming to his favorite burger in LA. Almost nothing is off-limits. Patrons who pledge at the Ask Shane tier can join a Zoom call on the second Saturday of every month to ask him whatever they want.


This show is released at the beginning of each month and is a rundown of every single video game being released in the next 30 days. There's a twist, though. Using SIFTD's site data we provide a hype rating for each game from our users. And then, of course, we share our take as well. Get a clear picture of the month ahead with just a five-minute commitment.


This is the content we produce when we have access to new game code or just have the spare time. With your pledge the following content will be produced on a far more regular basis.

Game Evals
We have our own take on the typical "game review." Called Evals, each game is rated in eight different categories and then we deliver an average score. Using a fun interface you tell us which categories you care most about and the site delivers you a customized Game Eval score based upon your tastes. Currently, we only create text-based Evals. If we hit the Goal we'd love to start producing video versions again with a new graphics package. Here's an example from the site's early days.

PlayView is SIFTD's take on the video preview that combines traditional, voice over-driven video previews with Let's Play segments. It gives you hard information on a game's features while still giving you an idea of what it's like to actually play each game.

We stream GameFace live every week on our Twitch channel, but we also stream games! We always archive them for our patrons who can't make it live.

SIFTD Video Game Fantasy League
Now copied the industry over, SIFTD was the first publication to conduct a video game fantasy draft way back in early 2016. Now in its sixth season, each year Shane and Matt compete in a video game fantasy league where they take turns "drafting" games until both of them have a "team." At the end of the year the Metacritic average is compiled for each team and a winner is declared. The league is referenced and updated throughout the year on GameFace and the idea has become so popular we've even started a league for all our users called The SIFTD Fantasy Challenge with real prizes going to the winner each year.

The Grind
Sometimes there are topics that aren't big enough for GameFace, but Shane wants to share his take anyway. This is what The Grind is for. It's also a great place for Patreon, content, and site updates!

This is just a small sample of the shows SIFTD currently creates and we hope that after checking them out you'll have faith that any new shows we create will be something well worth watching.

We appreciate every penny so thank you so much for considering a pledge to SIFTD!
$3,419.35 of $4,000 per month
Three Night Weekend/Ask Shane Anything
We really hope we can hit this goal because this piece of content helps keep patrons and Shane connected on a far more personal level. It also ensures that we can keep our weekly podcast Three Night Weekend rolling where we talk with industry luminaries and prepare you for the weekend to come!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts

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