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About Sandris Ādminis

HELLO! Below is an intro, a "resume" and "to-do list" + latest updates in the posts.
I do animal advocacy through a radio show, public talks and school lectures, film screenings, news reports, workshops, street actions and recently also videos. I've been doing it since 2008 and it seems silly not to try becoming a full-time activist for the animals. I never asked for anything back and I sense something wrong with money involved in defending someone - in doing what should be done anyway. But I ask for it now to be able to dedicate as much as possible of my time and energy to what might help - instead of doing an office job, or something else unrelated. I hope my actions will speak for themselves. 

2. WHAT HAVE I DONE (the resume thingy)
In 2008 I graduated in philosophy studies with a thesis on the moral and legal aspects of human / non-human divide - and that period started so much for me. I published translations of animal rights classic texts, contributed to Wikipedia about animal protection, nonviolence, veganism, speciesism, fur and factory farming etc. With some research and writing, it's possible to create good Wiki articles, that are still the first search results when someone looks up those keywords.
I write for my blog, news portals and online journals 'Satori' (essays) and 'Punctum Magazine' (interviews) about (but not only) the animals and our moral schizophrenia in the ways we use and treat them. About zoos, shelters, hunting, fostering, humane education etc.

I was one of the founders and the initial president of the board in the first Latvian animal rights organization "Dzīvnieku brīvība", that works to bring a better world for the animals. I'm not active there anymore, but the NGO keeps going.

I give talks in schools, libraries, festivals, appear on TV and radio, public events - wherever I get invited. My TEDxRiga conference talk is perhaps the most important thing I've done so far:

Since 2015 I'm creating a radio show/podcast "Zootēka" (formerly "Dzīvnieku balss" and "Zootehnikums" on the Radio NABA (by the University of Latvia), reporting from events, interviewing activists, vets, thinkers and researchers, athletes and teachers, nutritionists, environmentalists, zoologists and others.

November 2018 was bigger than usual - I organized (with good help from my friends) several World Vegan month events: several talks in Riga and 4 other towns, a film screening, a Cube of Truth, workshops for activists, and founded the "Riga Animal Save" collective. At that time the TED talk got published, I invited friends to celebrate my 10 years in all this weird thing, and that's also when I wrote this text.

To improve my skills I join trainings about creative writing and activism, public speaking, setting and pursuing goals, human rights, embodied peace-building & leadership, avoiding burnout, using e-tools etc. I also visit animal rights conferences, collaborate with foreign activists, and participate in youth events to inspire and empower. It's never too early or too late to learn something new and improve the skills you value the most, right? 

 (the list!)
I want to make all kinds of important animal-related issues visible in my society.
I want to build a vibrant, active and sustainable Riga Animal Save community.
I want to do more educational and social events to make the local animal rights community stronger and more conscious, and to help newcomers get involved.
In addition to radio, I want to create: videos and live reports from events, educational materials and interviews with inspiring people and fun ideas for creative, peaceful activism.
I want to spread a compassionate, intelligent view on animal rights issues.
I want to write and publish in various media articles about animal-related topics.
I want to help create the first animal sanctuary in Latvia - connected to activist work and public education about animals.
I want to make an educational exhibition with objects related to animals. 
I want to see a monument in the Riga city, for animals who were killed in all these centuries.
I want to co-create an illustrated kids book about kindness.
I want to do a non-violence focused "Ahimsa camp" in every European Rainbow gathering with talking/healing circles, cooking workshops, info about local wildlife, workshops, and doing art, poetry and music about peaceful coexistence.
I want to help to unify the movement globally, meeting activists wherever I go.
I want to pursue these ideas and projects as soon as possible! 

I'm not so good at making far future plans and have many flaws to work on, but I know I can do much more. I hope you can help me. If you have any questions - feel free to ask!

May all beings be happy and free.

Thank you!
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Reaching this I can already try spreading my wings, to leave the little jobs and be a financially independent full time animal advocate! Sounds scary, but that's where I want to go!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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