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About Jason Hermann

Jay - from SonyAlphaLab

My Story: 
It’s very important to me that you know where I’m coming from as it relates to my Photography, Tutorials, and Reviews. If you know a little about me and my family I guarantee a lot of what I write and/or say will make a little more sense. Basically I’m just a hard working guy who absolutely loves Photography and learning. My website endeavors have allowed me continue growing as a photographer and learn more and more every day.
For a little history, I purchased my first camera in 2001 when my Brother, a few friends and I were heading to Switzerland for a killer ski/ snowboard trip in the Alps. The camera I decided to purchase after incredible scrutiny and compromise, was the Canon Digital Elf 2.0 megapixel point and shoot. A great little Ultra compact camera to say the least. It was about the size of a deck of cards and fit in my Snowboard pants pocket perfectly! After reading the manual and playing with it for a few weeks I realized I was in Love with Photography:) And just like that I was hooked big time!!
My love of photography started with Landscapes, but has since grown into Weddings, Portraits, Architecture, Sports and pretty much all aspects of photography. I’m all self taught with the help of dozens of books, the internet, and of course great friends I have met along the way.

Why Sony?
I decided to go with Sony because the cameras image quality, cost and features were far superior in my opinion, then anything else I had ever used. I have come to learn why that is through years of hands-on experience, testing, and so fourth.

Reviewing Sony gear is an absolute blast! Sony is on the cutting edge of technology and they also have some of the most innovative Engineers in the business as far as I’m concerned.

You Can Trust my Reviews
I also want you to know that all my reviews are very honest and I just tell it like it is. I do not just say something is good for the heck of it. If it’s junk I will say so or not waste my time reviewing the item. If it’s good I will say so and you can take my word! The Sony gear honestly blows me away every time I get my hands on it, and reminds me of Macintosh products in that way. All the Sony Alpha and Nex gear is very well engineered and well built with features to match the price point in my opinion.
For your reference, I personal own the Sony Nex-6, Sony A7r, a few E-mount Lenses, and my old pro gear; Canon 5D mark II, and several Canon L lenses. You’ve probably seen me use some of the Canon gear on the Nex Cameras here and there.
Going from the lower end Canon Digital Elf, all the way to the best full frame cameras and lenses available, I’ve learned through hands on experience what Quality Photography is all about. Especially when it comes to Image Quality, Build Quality, Optical quality, and most importantly, How-To get the most out of the gear you have!

Real Job?
I work in the Technology field for my  full time 9-5pm job, so that keeps me on top of things from that perspective and pays the bills. Since this paragraph is sounding like a resume, I miles well tell you that I also have an associates degree in Electric Engineering. I also love to play with Adobe Ligtroom, Photoshop, Google SketchUp, Motion, and Final Cut Pro X.

So why support me? 
I provide hours of quality content every month for your viewing and learning pleasure. It costs me money in time, equipment, and software needed to produce the content I create. It also takes knowledge and dedication to keep up on all the latest technology in order to stay relevant. In addition to that I provide a constant stream of Sony News, Rumors, Reviews, Tutorials, Deals, and more on various social media platforms. On top of that, I am happy to help by answering questions as it relates to photography, video, or Post processing techniques such as HDR Photography or Portrait editing in Photoshop for example. 

- My goal is to be the best Sony camera and lens reviewer/ teacher on the internet. I would love to put out at least one video review or tutorial per week, but as it stands currently with time, about 1 per month.
- I want to continue to provide lots of content streams via Google+, Twitter, Facebook, my SonyAlphaLab Forum, my SonyAlphaLab.com website, and popular Youtube Channel! 
- Make as many friends as possible along the way..

In Closing:
Thanks for checking in and please consider supporting the cause with as little as $1 dollar a month... 

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I would like to be able to maintain what I'm currently doing without it costing me any money out of pocket. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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