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is creating music, games, circuit boards, and cosplay

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About Alice D.

Good evening, girls and zirls, my name is Alice D., and welcome to my Patreon page!

Thank you for your consideration in supporting me!

I do a lot of random things, and I try to make them as freely available as possible under Creative Commons or similar open source licenses. By supporting this Patreon you'll get "behind-the-scenes" updates on what I'm working on, as well as supporting me financially in my numerous endeavours.

You can see my landing page here for all of my various social/project links!


I'm currently working on an original "bullet hell" shooting game, currently under the title of Another Project. It is somewhat based on the concepts presented in Touhou Project, but it is its own, original idea, with original characters, music, and overall story.

I'm also the lead writer and a code/QA/CI contributor for Taisei Project, an open source Touhou Project fangame. You can check Taisei Project out on GitHub here.


I now make music! I tend to focus on Drum'n'Bass and other electronic styles. You can find my SoundCloud here. As usual, my music is released under Creative Commons.


One of my hobbies is custom electronics, including circuit boards and microcontroller programming, as well as 3D modeling for enclosures and the like. You can check out some of my work on GitLab here.

I'm also a cosplayer! With my cosplays, I often create custom electronics for them, which are also published. I'm also planning on releasing the designs for certain projects such as Marisa Kirisame's Mini-Hakkero and Sumireko Usami's magic cape (both from Touhou, of course) under Creative Commons once they're fully developed.


I'm a weirdo who sees the world in a weird way. Sometimes I tweet or toot about it, sometimes I blog about it. My ideas are generally open to discussion and interpretation. If you like what I have to say, well, thank you!

If you've made it this far through my pitch, thanks for sticking around. I hope I can continue to be consistent in my releases and to enrich the lives of anyone who comes across my works.

(Avatar and banner commissioned/used with permission by RadioStarKiller on Twitter: )
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At 20 Patrons, I'll start live-streaming some of my process in various things like electronics/music/game design.
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