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Dev Supporter

reward item
reward item
per month
  • Your name on a cargo ship that will spawn ingame in multiple game modes. When people hover over these cargo ships ingame they will see your name as Captain of that ship every now and then.
  • Access to exclusive updates
  • Pilot

    reward item
    reward item
    per month
    • Access to new features before all others
    • Your name on a cargo ship
    • You can join the developer for #multiplayer-wednesday to play and talk
    • Patreon exclusive Discord channels (make sure to link your Patreon to Discord)
    Includes Discord benefits


    reward item
    reward item
    per month
    • Free copy of the game
    • A name of your choice will be included in each game (an NPC, ship or weapon will be named after you)
    • I will add a projectile, missile or beam weapon for you (message me)
    • All rewards from the previous tiers
    Includes Discord benefits




    per month

    About Tense Games

    Currently I can not afford to work on Stellar Warfare fulltime. But I really want to. Hence the goals.

    Short introduction

    I'm currently working on a Space RTS with base building, ship customisation and loot such as weapons, ship frames and modules. In Stellar Warfare you fight with your own customised fleet. The game is inspired by classics such as Homeworld and Red alert, but with more options.

    About me

    For almost all my life I wanted to become a game developer. I've finally decided the take a leap of faith and put more and more time into game development.

    It's still scary right now and financially it is very difficult, but hopefully with your support I can spend more and more time doing what I love. The end goal is to make amazing, fun, high quality and creative games for everyone to enjoy! 

    The goal for this patreon
    If you support me then you, along with others, can help discuss ideas for the next game I will be making. 

    These games should follow the following guidelines:
    • Visual quality: The game should look good visually. Preferably 3D games that look as professional as possible
    • Game design: An unique but fairly simple game concept. This will allow us to make great stuff while at the same time working safely within the time constraint
    • Progression: The game should have a way so that it's fun to play for a longer period of time. Think of unlocking items, leveling up, tougher enemies etc.
    • Release on steam: The game should be released on Steam obviously. In the future I might look into VR games.

    $854.06 of $1,693.22 per month
    I will be able to work on this project for 3 days per week.

    Currently I can not afford to work on this project fulltime. I have been doing it for the last few months regardless. But that does not mean that I can afford to do so. I'm cutting into my savings to do so.

    Reaching this goal means that I can pay my rent, utility bills, food and clothing and as a result work on this project for at least 3 days per week. 

    The more time I can spend on this game the more awesome features I can implement and the faster the development goes. That means more cool stuff faster! 
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