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I am happy to have you in my corner. If you choose to support me, I want you to have every insight that I share via Patreon. You will be able to look in on my Patron-Only Feed, in which I detail my plans month to month, provide updates, and ask questions of the community I build around my works. Upon any credit pages I create you can find an identifier of your choosing there. Additionally, I will provide a vocal welcome as a small token of my thanks. You will also receive invitations to any digitally-held event, either to rest from an article once written, or to perhaps join in on a gaming or creative session.

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10% of my earnings will be directed to an artist. At this level you can have a say in where your money (in essence) will go. Do we pick from my files of local misfits? Is there a creator we share a passion for? Do we double up on someone I am supporting already? The options are enormous in number.

This is cumulative for all pledges that meet or exceed a multiple of twenty.




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About Unorthodox

"Who are you?"

          I am Jasper. I am a writer, gamer, and one day I hope to be able to call myself an author. I prize what I call “long-form” media. Be it written, audio, or video, this is any work that I would time as taking ten minutes to completely take in. I learn the most from the world when I take the time to listen thoughtfully. In being mindful of who is telling the story and why the person feels  that story to be the one worth sharing I learn more about the world outside myself.

          zerohourseraphim is my pen name online. There have been a few variations over the years. Under this moniker, I've written about my daily life in cryptic and poetic ways on a number of journaling platforms. As ZSeraphim I've ventured into digital realms for a few notable game worlds. Most recently, I curate my own blog. There you can find not only my original works in fiction and poetry but also social commentary and derived works. The latter are productions like video game reviews and fan fiction which are my responses to other media. I would like to expand my scope to not only standard digital mainstays such as video and streaming, but I am also working to coalesce my first novel.

          Unorthodox is my dream. In about 30 years, when I'm around the traditional retirement age, I would like to share my insight with those that follow and help other artists find methods to finance their work. Recently I heard the saying “Be the adult that you needed as a child.” I always had to leave my neighborhood to find what interested me. The arts and technology were big for me, but my enthusiasm was lost on my neighbors because they never interacted with it.

          On this platform, I seek your support to merge these facets into a singular life.

If I don't work, I don't eat.

          Allow me a brief aside in the event you are unfamiliar with crowdfunding as a whole, or Patreon specifically. Crowdfunding seems to be in the social eye due to sites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter. These sites pool vast amounts of money for a one-time goal. Patreon is the same in that it utilizes the goodwill of the many. It differs in that payouts are monthly which can allow creators like me to add any given pledges to their budgets. This helps eliminate the necessity for sponsorships, advertising revenue, and relying on singular persons and organizations to keep the lights on.

          Personally, I am using Patreon to gain the backing of people who can share in my hopes. By pledging to me you will help me accrue a monthly income from people like you that want to see me succeed in my endeavors.

          It is common for creators utilizing Patreon to use automatic monthly pledges. I do not admonish that. These are more established individuals with a large following and plenty of trust and social capital to trade upon. In order for you to be confident that I will stay on task, I use the "Per Creation" option. Each month I will validate at least one of my works as a "Paid Post".

          For you, this allows for some flexibility. You can donate your full pledge for one work, or incentivize a greater quantity of work by breaking it up over several validations. Either way, it is easy to place a cap on what you give so that you will easily stay within your budget. And if the beginning of a month rolls around without me validating any work? You will not be charged. I have to put my nose to the grindstone to ensure that I have something for you all month to month. I may change this method if my writing becomes a career.

          Whether I have one or one thousand Patrons, I will produce works that I can be proud of. In my wake, I hope they serve minds well and inspire others to do and share whatever they can and to make what positive impact they can on the world. I feel as though what I am asking is profound. I will go to great lengths to prove your trust worthwhile.

Where would my money go?

          A wholly valid question, all things considered. On this page, you will find a section listing my Goals. Hitting each of those price points will let me save up for, if not the outright purchase of, the item in question. The upper tiers are years down the line at best but would be life-changing. Truly, if I could make my living by writing I would be ecstatic. I am rarely brought to emotion so that is a feat in and of itself.

          After meeting each Goal, pledges the following months will support my daily life in all the necessary facets. Food, fuel, insurance, maintenance, and the like. At sufficient thresholds, I'll have the option to cover rent and other bills via my pledges. Admittedly I will probably indulge my gaming hobby too. But as even now I convert my experiences into reviews that indulgence becomes equal parts work.

          I am considering detailing these monthly expenses more acutely under Goals with the term "Offset". If I do so, the totals will be cumulative. For instance, $10 and $60 could respectively pay off an online subscription and a phone bill, but I would not chalk up the latter until I exceeded $70 so I could cover both uninterrupted. 

          While I am not religious, I do aim to tithe, in a fashion. This is due to something my mother shared with me:

Money makes the world go round. If there is something that feeds into you, you should put some money in their hands. Not because they ask, but because it helps give back to what gives to you. It doesn't have to be a church or whatnot. Know what gives to you, and give back what you can.

          Patreon not only allows people to support me but makes it easy and viable to support many artists in one place. Going forward, I aim to donate 10% of my pledges to other creators or entrepreneurs in some way. Some of this giving will be via Patreon as you can already see. But I also want to go to events and purchase goods from artists that make more tangible goods. As I prosper, I want to continue to give others the same feeling of hope and support that my patrons give to me. In reality, this is exactly what I want Unorthodox to be, and I see no reason to wait to pay it forward.

          This spirit is embodied in my very first goal. I am a Wordsmith. I sacrificed my ability to draw for my talent. As such, I want to commission at least one visual artist for the digital identifiers I think I will need.

What your help means to me

          Being wherever you are and reading my words is meaningful in and of itself. If you are a longtime watcher of mine, you have been doing immeasurable good for me. Knowing my messages are seen is encouraging. Reading and watching, liking, sharing, commenting... all of these things are boons upon me. Knowing that you find what I have to say worthwhile enough to share more broadly is a powerful encouragement. And if you are here, I am going to assume you want to help me ascend to my next plateaus more rapidly.

          Patreon has the potential to be of limitless value as your support lets me lean on my talents rather than external contributors. My blog is open to the public and will continue to be. I write because I enjoy it. I learn from my research and share the fruits of my education with you. As you find yourself coming to my sites, again and again, I ask you to help me make my efforts self-sustaining.

          “Even one dollar helps”, are words often spoken by those using this site, and is not some inflated plea. Relying on ad revenue can be a daunting task. ALWAYS producing content in line with current trends for the sake of visibility while ensuring your efforts are not “too poisonous” for advertisers gives you scant little control over how you bring into your wallet. I say without ego or exaggeration that people visit my blog from all around the world. I activated some ad-based monetization in April 2018 to see what returns I would get and turned it off in March 2019. After 4,333 ads were clocked as being viewed I earned $0.09, or nine cents written out for emphasis and clarity. In a very rough estimate, a dollar a month is equal to 45,000~50,000 site views, which is massive when you think of it that way.

          Most people that use Patreon build up a following and then turn to their fan base for support. I am moving in the opposite direction. I want to avoid the above mentioned “production treadmill”. I want to have the freedom to experiment with new content and, perhaps, even say something offensive or unpopular if it is truthful and viable to a discussion. I cannot do that if I am beholden to most companies. But with you, and individuals like you, as my supporters I will always be free to grow, express myself, and talk about what needs to be said.

What do I get out of it?

          As a Supporter, you will get access to everything I put on Patreon. For me, this venue is akin to "casual Friday". I still consider this a professional outlet, but I will be more relaxed than I may come across in the majority of my writing and other public appearances. This will be a good place to speak directly to me regarding what I write and how it comes about. Where I glean information, what informs me outside of that, and all the nuts and bolts before a sealing finish is applied and they are rendered all but invisible.

          The only "advanced tier" I have, that of Partner-In-Patronage, is straightforward I feel. I donate to many other artists. And if your giving to me meets the threshold, I would love to have a discussion on who to give to next and why.

          I do not want there to be a gulf between Haves and Have Nots in their experience here. I have looked at other campaigns, some with teams of people, and there are offers of merchandise and other assorted goods. I cannot give in that way nor on that scale. Presently, this is all the work of a single individual. Any elaborate reward I could provide would take away from my focus on writing. I know how difficult the job sphere is these days. If all that can be given is a dollar, I want to welcome you behind the velvet rope as much as someone who's giving is sustained at higher levels. I am here asking for your support. And if you give it, I want to give back all I can. 

If you've made it this far...

          ...I hope that what I have provided and promise to offer has earned your pledge of support. You can either Become a Patron right above here or continue to enjoy my works without doing so. The choice is, genuinely, yours. Either way, I am grateful to you. I am writing for myself, yes. Much artistic creation starts that way. But as I grow, I want to be Your Writer too. Your Author, in fact. I want to hear about your life, take it in, and let it influence my work. I write so that my story, one I did not see in the world as I grew up, does not remain untold. I want to provide inspiration for everyone to stand proudly in this world. That grand ideal continues in humility now. With you, in fact, if you choose to join me.

I look forward to seeing the world with you.

Your Writer,
Jasper H.B. a.k.a. zerohourseraphim
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Signage - In stepping into an online persona I would like a custom icon, banner, and other insignias. As I have a lot of creative friends, I can get viable results if I can put a little money into their hands.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 87 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 87 exclusive posts

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