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About VReleased

Nympho Creator VR

Is a fully interactive VR Porn Experience. You play the CEO of a major tech company that starts a secret genetic engineering lab with the goal of creating hyper-aroused females. You will create, modify, and thoroughly test each of your human genetic experiments in different ways. From obedience to sexual endurance testing, and everything in between! You will unlock many possibilities as you discover new genomes to modify. You might even be able to create things that aren’t currently possible (Kitty Girls? “Hint Hint”)

This project is early in development, so come join our community and help shape the future of our game!

Here's an unbias review of our first game Nympho Trainer VR! Nympho Trainer VR - Best Hentai VR Porn game? (2021) VR Porn Links

Game Download Links
Censored Single Room Free Demo - Nympho Creator VR Download Link: coming soon!

Patrons Only Full Current Build - Nympho Creator VR Download Link: Nympho Creator Version .20

Patrons Only - Nympho Trainer VR Trial Download Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/nympho-trainer-27051202

Patrons Only - Dick Girls VR Download Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dick-girls-vr-of-31427164

Our official store for our previous finished game Nympho Trainer VR:
Nympho Trainer.com

Our Future Plans for Nympho Creator VR
We plan to add all kinds of things! This will be a voice-acted story-driven experience! You will be able to choose Dominant or Submissive rolls. Dominant will take on the role of the “CEO”, and Submissive will take on the role of the current “Test Subject”. Each will have a unique experience. We will have many different environments, test devices, and lots of physics-based interactions! Want something in the game? Join our community and tell us about your idea! That’s what makes Patreon awesome, you have a direct line to us! If a lot of people agree with the idea and get excited about it, we might just implement it!

Have Any Questions For Us, Are You Confused About Something?
We tried to make this as straightforward as possible, but we do have multiple products, rewards, and supported platforms. Feel free to shoot us a message and we will help you out ASAP with any question you might have! We have a lot of answers to common
questions below, have a look through this description and we will most likely have answers for you!

Who Are You Guys?
We are VReleased, a team of VR game developers working on creating high-quality Virtual Reality Porn Games! We have fully developed and launched our first game “Nympho Trainer VR” via Patreon and crowdfunding. It’s now launched and available on many game stores like Steam! We have now started our next big project “Nympho Creator VR”!

Why Should We Support You?
Unlike other Patreon developers that spring up and fizzle out, we have a strong track record! We have launched weekly updates without fail for almost 2 years now! We also give our Patrons playable builds every single month! We listen to our community and adjust our game experience accordingly. We have also shown we aren’t going anywhere, we are passionate about this project and we love what we do! If you want more proof, just google up on our previous game “Nympho Trainer VR”! That evolved from an empty room, a single riding crop, a single whip sound effect with almost no animations to a full-fledged interactable VR porn experience because of Patrons like you! We created a wide variety of player interactable sex acts, devices, toys, voice acting, and a room full of customizables! Now we plan to push the boundaries of what’s possible in an interactive VR porn game with our new title Nympho Creator VR, this is just the beginning!

What Platforms Does Nympho Creator VR Support?
Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Vive, Vive Pro, Index, and MMR

Do You Support Oculus Quest?
We do support Oculus Quest via “Oculus Link”. Look into “Oculus Link” if you aren’t familiar with it.

Do You Support Non-VR PC?
Not at this time. Nympho Creator VR is exclusively a virtual reality game.

Who Is Your Voice Actress?
We plan to have a variety eventually, but currently, our main voice actress used is “Little Squirtles”. She also does our motion capture animations and helps with some “tier rewards”. She also recently started making porn, here are some links to her content!
Twitter: twitter.com/LSquirtles
ManyVids: LittleSquirtles.ManyVids.com
PornHub: pornhub.com/model/littlesquirtles

Note: this next part is talking about our previous game Nympho Trainer not our new game Nympho Creator!

What Are All The “Nympho Trainer VR” Versions, How Are They Different?
Nympho Trainer VR is the first game we created. We have finished it and it is live in many stores! We have a couple of versions, so here is what each of them is so you can understand them.

  • Nympho Trainer VR” is $34.99 and can be found in many stores! This is a fully finished game with all features unlocked! You can buy this at our official store NymphoTrainer.com. You can also find it on SteamNutakuImagineVR, or DLSite. This full-version is not available here on Patreon!

  • Nympho Trainer VR Trial Version” This has half the game unlocked. This was originally made for VRPorn.com’s Paid Premium section, but we also offer it to curtain Patreon reward tiers for supporting our new game “Nympho Creator VR!”

  • Nympho Trainer VR Free Demo” The main purpose of the free demo is to make sure the game will run on your device properly, and also see the quality of the game before you buy the Trial or Full Versions. It is limited in things to do, but you can always upgrade to the full version if you want to fuck that cute little Neko Girl! Our free demo is hosted by VRPorn.com.

What Is Dick Girls VR Demo?
This is a game started by our friend “VRSexCreator”. He is no longer developing this game and the demo is given “AS IS”. It’s a VR experience that lets you pick, customize, and watch two girls fucking in a variety of positions with a couple grab interactions. He is currently helping us with our GPU Hair physics, and offered our community his current demo since he is no longer working on it anyway! Here is a demo video of it if you are curious what it’s all about! Video Link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5aceb501372fb


65% complete
There is definitely some interest at this point.  We'll commission a 3d-modeler to help make us high-quality assets.  This would include things like butt-plug tails, ball-gags, restraint-devices, nipple clamps, etc.
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