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About Max Florschutz

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Hello there, and welcome to the Patreon Page for Unusual Things! If you're here to help support the creation of the weekly writing guide series Being a Better Writer, then rest assured you're at the correct place. Go ahead and pick a support tier, and thank you for your support!

If you're not here from Unusual Things, or aren't familiar with Being a Better Writer and the name Max Florschutz well, don't despair. Here's a quick rundown to get you caught up.

Max Florschutz and Being a Better Writer

Hi there! I'm Max Florschutz, author of Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels, which I've been publishing since 2013. Early on in my publishing career, I started getting messages from fans and readers asking me about the various nuts and bolts of writing. Stuff like "how do you make characters feel so real?" or "How do you write mysteries?" At first I replied here and there, but naturally that encouraged my fanbase to write more, and I couldn't reply to the amount of messages I was getting individually and keep working on new books. It simply wasn't possible.

Instead, I turned to large-scale responses, starting first with a small blog where I'd reply to my fans by answering the most common questions in a post. Which encouraged more questions, and before long I was making a post a week on the nuts and bolts of writing. My fans loved it ... as did a lot of newcomers, who started hitting the blog only for the advice, and not for my books (though there were plenty who would then give my works a shot).

This process led Being a Better Writer to where it is today: A weekly writing feature on my website (Unusual Things) running every Monday and educating thousands of readers all around the world. With an archive of hundreds of articles covering every topic imaginable for writers of any level that are linked all across the web, Being a Better Writer has become a resource for writers of all levels and ages. Written in a relaxed, conversational manner and brimming with examples and analogies to help readers of any experience understand even difficult concepts.

For a look at some of the more popular entries, take a look at The Five-Man Band or Sanderson's Three Laws of Magic, or try a popular topic tag like "characters."

Why Should You Support Being a Better Writer?

Because it is done entirely out of pocket by the author, and authors already don't make a lot of money. Being a Better Writer, in fact the entire site of Unusual Things, is kept completely ad-free despite its traffic on account of the fact that ads are annoying and serve only to interrupt and dissuade readers. Being a Better Writer's web-hosting, creation, and all other operating costs are paid completely by the creator, and therefore only financed by two things: Book sales of the author's works and Patreon Supporters.

What Sort of Reward Can I Get for Being a Supporter?

There are two tiers of support at the current time: Basic and Super, or $1 and $5 respectively. No matter what, all supporters will be thanked by name in future Being a Better Writer articles; a legacy for all to see! All supporters also get access to supporter-only content on Patreon, which are often previews of upcoming content, such as early looks at Alpha-copy chapters of upcoming books, or even the occasional short story! All that for just $1 a month!

Super Supporters of $5 or more a month. however, get one more bonus feature. As a thank you for their support in keeping the author afloat and Being a Better Writer coming, each time a new book is released, they will be given the option of receiving a free, Super Supporter digital edition right to their e-mail inbox in the format of their choice.

Whichever tier you choose, thank you for supporting Being a Better Writer!

What About Those Books?

Max Florschutz has published six books to date, with more on the way. You can see a full list of his works on his books page at Unusual Things, on his Amazon author page, or on Goodreads, complete with reader reviews and (from Amazon and his books page) extended previews. To date, and in order of publication, they are:
  • One Drink
  • Dead Silver (sequel to One Drink)
  • Unusual Events: A "Short" Story Collection
  • Colony
  • Shadow of an Empire
  • Jungle (sequel to Colony)

Thank You For Supporting!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts

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