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About Vintage is the New Old

Vintage is the New Old (formerly known as CommodoreBlog and then Commodore is Awesome) was created in April 2011. Back in the day, CommodoreBlog was just a small website on The site gained popularity very fast, and lot's more people volunteered to help run the website, with new interesting ideas including a large collection of scanned downloadable PDF Commodore Magazines, such as Amiga Format and CU Amiga. As well as magazines, we had our own scanned Commodore box art and a large downloadable collection of the very best games and scene demos for all the Commodore systems. In time CommodoreBlog was to be known as;

Commodore is Awesome, The website about all things Commodore!

Since the CiA days we have come a long way. In 2014 we lost our complete database, due to a rogue Admin deleting all our hard work. We spent countless hours repairing the website to a decent state, unfortunately some staff members chose to go their separate ways and we never completely recovered from this setback. Instead of giving up, we decided to press on and continue to rebuild the website, recovering as much lost data as possible. During the same year, despite the low amount of manpower, we chose to create a sister website called 'Vintage is the New Old'. As Retro Gamers, Commodore isn't our only forte, in fact we have much knowledge and love for other Retro systems too.

Creating another website seemed like a good idea at the time and it gave us motivation to keep on at it. Both websites proved to be very popular, however after a year or so it was becoming hard work for just two people, so we made a decision to merge the two websites together into one Retro Gaming News Website. We took the latter name 'Vintage is the New Old' and we think it was one of the best moves we have made so far. The website has gone from strength to strength, and is now more popular than ever! We even have website awards to prove it! ;-)

We still have the magazines database available online and a fully recovered back up of 'Commodore is Awesome', and when time permits, everything that was on the old website will be implemented back into Vintage is the New Old. We have BIG plans for 2019! To start we will be revamping the Games Downloads section, with a slight change. Rather than offering the usual game files most websites offer, we have decided to go the legit route and go Public Domain. Hopefully, by the end of 2019, we will have a modest database of Homebrew Games, Public Domain games and Scene Demos available to download from our website. As well as this, we will be posting the usual regular Retro Games News. We have many new fantastic staff writers, and you will start to see more high-quality reviews and articles steady flowing in. ;-)

This website is a product of pure love for retro computing, but to keep up with the news about all platforms, plus adding new content like articles, reviews, and tutorials takes a huge amount of free time and effort.

Although we could've used cheaper web hosting, we learned very soon that as soon as you go beyond a certain traffic, these hosts will limit the number of visitors leaving a lot of them with a Server Error page. To avoid that, we decided to go to Google Cloud where you can tweak the resources you need depending on the demand, traffic, etc. The main benefit is that the server will never go offline for hosting limitations but that comes at a cost. In average the services are a bit more expensive but it also varies month by month depending on how much we use (traffic, storage, CPU cycles, etc). 

Besides the hosting costs, we also need to keep up with our three domains annual fees (, and and our Mediafire account used for most of the big download files we host. Keeping an external cloud storage is way cheaper than hosting the files in Google cloud servers since we don't have a lot of files (yet) and the download traffic can be very expensive.

Although now we are averaging USD 50 a month, we budgeted around twice as much to avoid undesirable billing surprises and also to allow us to expand or services.

While we are covering the costs, having you guys as patrons will help us so much to dedicate more time to increase the site visibility and its service for the community as well as reducing our personal burden (we have bills to pay, too!)

Our commitment to you is to increase the number of News posts, Game Reviews and Retro Articles, including the possibility to pay 3rd party writers for some content that is too important not to include on the website and share with the community. We are also committed to never use advertising on the website. While we are not against some relevant adverts, we don't think the type of public we target would benefit from unrelated ads from, for example, Google. Also from our own browsing experience, we find them very annoying.

We want you to feel comfortable browsing Vintage is the New Old. A website with no adverts is a website worth returning to. ;-)

As Patrons of Vintage is the New Old, you guys will also have a huge impact on decisions and directions related to the website and its content. We are always open to new interesting ideas how we can improve!

If you think you can help by contributing as little as $1 to our monthly server costs to support this initiative, we will be thrilled! Thank you all, you guys really make a difference! ;-)

YouTube Channel: Vintage is the New Old
C64 Demo Group: Commodore is Awesome (C.I.A)
Email: [email protected]
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The small goal we have set is to cover current hosting costs, and have some budget for small prizes that could be used for creative-related contests (retro inspired pictures, demos and graphics, etc)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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