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About Wild Games Productions

What is Wild Games Productions?
Wild Games Productions (WGP) is a podcasting network that has been producing podcasts since late 2006, bringing you the very best in roleplaying games, from old school to new school, we cover it all.
In 2013, WGP produced the Mazes & Perils rpg, which won a Gold ENnie award, and then followed it up with a Deluxe Edition in 2016.
Over the years WGP has produced video podcasts as well, and officially in Mid 2018, WGP started producing "The Evil DM's YouTube channel" where Vince has been putting out gaming related advice, videos as well as a video cast of Old School Blues and The Classic Faserip Podcast.

WGP has the follow networked shows:

WGP has also produced a bunch of actual play podcasts, some of which have been branded under the Roll High or Die Crew website:
This is done by Thaco's Hammer Podcast:

Right, understood. You produce gaming podcasts based on a game or at least RPGs, so what is Patreon ?

Patreon is a monthly crowd funding site, similar to a Kickstarter. The main difference is that a Patreon page is tailor made for creatives that do a bunch of small things, while Kickstarter is better suited for somebody doing a single, larger-scale project. Some folks like to think of it as a giant "tip jar" that you come back to each time when we produce stuff for you.

So, great.. we know whom you are, and what you do.. but.. what do I get?

Well, first things first, the main shows on the network are free to download and listen to on any device, anytime and as many times as you'd like to listen. Some of the shows on the network have agreed to put out special "thank you" content for their listeners to help raise funds for the network. We've highlighted each reward level below and have clearly stated which podcasts will do that.

What are these milestone things I see on the left, and do I have to donate that much to get it?!

NO, not at all. Milestones are these goals that affect everyone because if they are reached we'll be able to do even more each month and everybody gets to benefit, regardless of individual pledges!

So for as little as a $1 a month you can help support the network, and the shows you love.

Founder - WGP, LLC
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Getting $150 a month means WGP studios can start getting better equipment to record their remote recorded Network Produced shows Vince does. Such as audio boards, and professional compressor microphones, for recordings at live shows from Conventions, such as North Texas RPGCON, GenCon and Origins.
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