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Thank you for supporting all we're doing : ) At this level of support you have our deepest appreciation! Plus, you have a front-row seat for any scheduled broadcasts and random (private) facebook broadcasts. 

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• LIVE Broadcasts

• Spontaneous LIVE Updates (on Facebook)

• Access to Audio & Video Archives

• Access to our GPS Tracking page (You can easily track our journey)

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Kathy & I sincerely appreciate you have chosen this level of support. Here's what you can expect : )

• Chaos Time - Join us for a cup of Chaos (coffee) any time we're nearby

• Access to Xpeditions TV archives


• LIVE Broadcasts of our show

• Spontaneous LIVE Updates (on Facebook)

• Access to Audio & Video Archives

• Access to our GPS Tracking page (You can easily track our journey)


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You LOVE adventure and exploration! Sure, you can't always go, but you still enjoy living in the moment as you read or watch a program. In fact, you easily see yourself climbing that mountain or wandering the jungle in search of a lost city where some ancient mystery will be uncovered. Well, we're taking you with us virtually! 

Supporters at this tier receive...
• A postcard periodically sent from wherever we are as we travel (unless outside the US)

• A postcard sent from any research expedition when outside the US

• A special photo emailed to YOU once a month from wherever we are!

• Access to our GPS Tracking page (You can easily track our journey)

• Chaos Time - Join us for a Cup of Chaos (coffee) any time we're nearby

• Access to Xpeditions TV archives

LIVE Broadcasts of our shows!

Spontaneous LIVE Updates (on Facebook)

Access to Audio & Video Archives



About Jerry and Kathy Wills

Hi Folks...
Kathy and I are currently traveling across America in The Phaeton, a 40' diesel pusher equipped with state of the art communications equipment and a complete broadcast studio.

Our goal is to produce a series of LIVE and pre-recorded internet shows while traveling to beautiful, seldom-seen locations. Along the way, we investigate the strange and unusual.

Our LIVE and pre-recorded broadcasts always depend on where we are and if a LIVE show is possible.

We have 6 distinct tiers of support. Read through each one and find a tier that fits your interests and budget. All supporters have some level of access to all we do.

As we travel to each location we virtually bring YOU along with us! Each show we create is unique to what we know, what we do, and follows subjects we know our audience is interested to hear more about.

What the funds we receive are used for…
The support you provide is only used to help us afford ongoing costs for upgrading or replacing equipment, software or software upgrades when needed, internet fees, and other items (i.e. cables, hard drives, etc.) required for our broadcasts. Plus, we broadcast while exploring! This requires camping fees, a mobile hotspot, utility costs. Your support makes the journey possible!

Join The Adventure!
With Patreon you decide the level of support best for your budget. As a patron, you receive a special incentive (we call a perk) at the support level you have chosen! Take a look at the various tiers. There’s something there for everyone! You can easily increase your support level if you decide to!

During the last 20+ years, thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed our broadcasts and our documentary adventure videos. We are confident you will thoroughly enjoy what we are doing now.

BTW, those documentary videos have been migrated into the $5 and higher support tiers on Patreon : )

The journey has started… We look forward to sharing it with you!

Best Wishes
Jerry & Kathy Wills

Those who become a supporter at or above $15 between Dec 1st to March 1st receive a Mystery Box after 2 months' support! Check the tier descriptions for more information!

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The Ultimate Goal
If we reach this amount of support (or beyond) we will travel full-time to explore and document the strange and unusual places we know about but cannot afford to travel to. These locations are worldwide.

As you might imagine, we know of many fascinating locations and have been told of extremely remote places few ever venture into (like Tocache - Dangerous!).

Of course, we also plan to offer LIVE and pre-recorded broadcasts while traveling! This is not easy, it is very costly (satellite uplinks for example), and requires some equipment we don't have right now. Reaching this goal allows Fantastic Journeys to become a full-time on-location adventure series. Sounds great, doesn't it! Help us get to this level : )
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