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About The Art of Adam S Doyle


Over the years, so many of you have expressed appreciation & passion for my work. Whether it's the support of purchasing prints or original pieces, the encouragement of a like or comment on social media, or the lifelong connection expressed by those of you who have gone so far as to get tattoos of my paintings; I'm sincerely grateful to have such fans.

In an effort to connect more richly with people around the world I’ve set up this Patreon page. Patreon is a platform that lets you sign up for a pay-what-you-want subscription to help support my work and get exclusive benefits in return. 

What You'll Get

  • Supporting my Art The most substantial benefit is knowing that you’re helping me to continue to making the artwork you appreciate.
  • More Access to Work Peeks behind the scenes with snapshots of work in-progress, more backstory and commentary, and possibly audio or videos. When I hit a fork in the road I’ll ask my patrons to vote on possible directions; into the forest or into the city? Blue or green? Chicken or egg? Trick or treat? 
  • Recommendations & Community I'm into the idea of a community that can do creative things together. In the past I led a virtual scavenger hunts. When the holidays roll around I'll share do it yourself projects for fun homemade gifts.
  • What Inspires Me If you’re interested in learning about where inspiration can come from I'll occasionally share notes on this subject.
  • Aspiring Illustrators Let me know if you're working on your own art or illustration practice and if there's enough interest I'll offer assignments.
  • Giveaways  Rather than churn out pieces for patrons monthly, which would become a chore for me and clutter for you; I prefer to give stuff away once in a while. Raffles may include items like phone wallpapers, sketches, signed prints, bookmarks, books, and surprise goodies. 

Let’s Do This

If this sounds exciting to you then become a patron today. This new phase has the potential for an even richer personal relationship, as I feel more comfortable sharing with a smaller community. I hope you're excited to be a part of this new journey. 

"Artist Adam S Doyle creates beautiful gestural paintings of birds seemingly incomplete brushstrokes form the feathers and other details of the animal. In some strange way it reminds me of the story of the Renaissance painter Giotto who is rumored to have been able to draw a perfect circle without the aid of a compass, as if Doyle just picks up a dripping paint brush and in a few seconds paints a perfect bird. In reality his work demonstrates a profound control of the paintbrush and careful understanding of the mediums he works with."
-Christopher Jobson, editor of Colossal

Artist's Statement

My work is fueled by a love for the human mark. Since our ancestors smeared pigment on cave walls in the shape of wildlife millennia ago, our legacy of asserting our existence is something built into being human. My work continues the tradition by keeping the stroke of paint visible.

Painting is also a transformation; the cave wall, the blank page, and the white canvas becomes a spacious place or a living, breathing being. I’m fascinated with this magical act. The unfinished quality to my work is about keeping this doorway between both worlds partly open.

My father is a physician who practiced Chinese medicine specializing in acupuncture for 50 years. Because of him the idea of energy flowing through our bodies has been in my consciousness since childhood. Depicting energy is something I continue to explore in new directions, re-enchanting us with our world. 

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