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The Adipositivity Project

Creating a Fat Acceptance photo-activism campaign and website.

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About The Adipositivity Project


Since 2007, it has been my abundant pleasure to preach body autonomy and fat acceptance by photographing and purveying the bare badonks of unapologetic fat folks at and beyond. Many thanks for ten years of your love and participation. But I’ve had to stop taking photographs for the Adipositivity Project. I’ve not done an Adipositivity shoot since last year. The photos posted in recent months have come from the lengthy queue, which will soon be empty.

Someone recently asked how the Adipositivity Project is funded. I told her Adiposers don’t pay for their shoots, and prior to this year, no one has been turned away, as long as they’re fat and can get to me. After a bit of a silence, she said, “I’m both impressed… and mortified.” That pretty much sums up the funding situation. Calendar and print sales (and the occasional donation) help to cover some of the expenses, but the rest is paid for by me, already a broke-ass creative. Except for a bit of lecturing, and maybe half a dozen images which have been licensed over the years, I’m not paid for any Adipositivity work.

Maintaining this level of unpaid work for more than a decade has caused me to neglect my personal financial survival. I’d hoped to hang on one more year, but it doesn’t appear possible.

So as things stand, I’ll continue updating the website every week until the queue runs out, then I’ll keep the site up through April. There will be one last Dude Week, one last Valentine Series, and Adiposers who’ve not yet seen their photo posted will see their photo posted. But no new Adipositivity shoots and I’m not yet certain about a final calendar.

I’m not complaining about my situation. Unless you count the correspondence I get every day from fat folks laying bare their hearts, no one has twisted my arm. I didn’t realize it would result in my not having time to earn a proper living on the side, but the decision to create the project was mine, and every day upon waking, I’ve made the choice to continue, despite the negatives. That’s how great the positives have been. My only regret is having to end the project while I still have so many shoots I’ve been unable to do, and the number of requests to be Adiposers is greater than ever before.

So I’ve asked the advice of some who are familiar with the situation, and some fellow photographers working in other fields of activism. They’ve all pretty uniformly replied, “Duh. Patreon!”

I’ve therefore decided to *gulp* try one last thing to keep the project from ending in April. I’m not good at this, and I’d rather end the project than make it exclusive to those who can pay for it, so if I can’t do it without constant nagging and firewalls keeping non-patrons from content, I’ll pull the plug. But I’d hate to end things without giving supporters a chance to actually, y’know, support.

If you can’t spare a crispy or two a month, I understand. I believe others will take up the slack by donating a bit more, and I hope everyone’ll help by sharing this link. Signal boosts are the only way this is going to work. Ferocious signal boosts.

It’s now up to you. Will it be Plan A for April or Plan B for bucks? Many thanks in advance. And fingers crossed.

~Substantia Jones
Creator and Photographer / The Adipositivity Project
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If I can snag 100 patrons, I can meet you halfway by dialing back and doing roughly half the Adipositivity shoots I normally do (cutting shoots in half won’t cut the work in half, but it’ll help with time and expenses).
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