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About A Few Dragons

Hi! We are A Few Dragons, and we’re excited you’re here!

Who are A Few Dragons?

We are a small indie game studio based in Australia that started out as three friends with a passion for games. We began entering game jams together for fun and very quickly discovered we didn’t just like making games, we loved it. From there we went from being a few friends to A Few Dragons, and have been making fun, interactive stuff that everyone can enjoy ever since. We’re slowly growing, and are committed to making games we want to play ourselves while having fun doing it.

What do we make?

We create games, dev tools and YouTube content, and chances are you’re here because you’ve already found something we’ve made. If you’ve stumbled on us some other way though, have a look at some of the great stuff we’ve created and are working on.


The Sacred Acorn

The Sacred Acorn is the main game we are currently developing. It’s a top down adventure game where you play as Ima, an adorably courageous squirrel. Explore and fight your way through a beautiful, mysterious land; solve puzzles, discover secrets, defeat corrupted enemies, and make strange, cute friends that will guide you on your quest to save your tribe and the world. If you haven’t yet you can wishlist the game on Steam.

The current iteration of The Sacred Acorn was born out of a game jam game we created for the Community Game Jam 2019 called Secret Squirrel. It was a local multiplayer game we made to just see what we could do. You can find the original game jam game here: Secret Squirrel on Itch


BattleCorp is an AI driven battle simulator that is heavily moddable so you can design your own AI and see how they go. This was a small game we developed for a game jam in 2018. You can find the game on Itch here: BattleCorp on Itch

Dev Tools

We’ve developed a number of dev tools that we’ve made available for free for anyone to use through GitHub. We really enjoy creating tools the dev community can use because we know how hard and frustrating it can be to build something yourself when you don’t quite know what you’re doing yet. You can find a full list of the tools we have on our website soon.


Our YouTube channel has game dev tutorials, devlogs for the games we’re working on, game trailers and other fun content. We want to keep you updated on the games we’re making, and want to help other devs out with helpful tutorials where we can. Occasionally we upload other fun stuff too. You can find us on YouTube as A Few Dragons.

Why Patreon?

We all have full-time jobs in addition to the work we do as A Few Dragons, as many indie game devs do. This means we can’t commit as much time as we’d like toward making games because it’s our day jobs that keep the lights on. Creating games and dev tools consistently takes a lot of time, energy and money.

Your pledge will help us cover the costs of running a studio, and we hope eventually will help free us up to spend more and more time working on creating great things for you and everyone else to enjoy.

I can’t support you by pledging...

That’s totally okay! We know not everyone can offer money to support us, and we’d only be okay with you supporting us if you have the means to. For those of you that can’t pledge you can still support us by wishlisting our game, signing up to our newsletter, and letting everyone you know about us and what we do.

Thank you so much for coming here. It really means a lot to us that you checked us out, and we appreciate you, however you are able to support us.
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