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Thank you for your support! As thanks, you'll get access to my patreon stream of extra images, lore information, and content I create. You'll also get access to each month's Desktop Background, and will have the ability to vote on next month's, and get a colored name of your choice on Discord!

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Every month, I will do a sketch drawing commission for you. These will be posted on the patreon stream. I will also try to write content about whatever you have me draw as a topic. Also includes an upgrade of the $5 level! Your name will be in silver.  This also includes everything in the $1 tier. 

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About SpaceMouse

Hello, I am SpaceMouse. I make the webcomic Alastere, MUGEN characters, and I am making a video game called Lost Memori.


I have had a story in my head since middle school, and in 2013 I decided to put it online for free in the format of a webcomic. I work a full-time job to support myself, and Alastere is currently a hobby. I make comics, and put them online every Thursday and Sunday.

So what is this Alastere thing, anyway?

It's a webcomic designed to look and feel like an old 16-bit era J-RPG. It means I use hand-drawn art, animation, sprites, music, and web effects to combine into a more immersive experience and push the limits about what a 'comic' really is. Most comics go for the medium of print; we saw a web browser and saw the opportunity to create something greater than a print comic. If you've ever heard of some big RPGs of the 90s, you have an understanding of what the style is. Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star 4, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana... all of these are shining examples of what inspired Alastere, and what it's meant to invoke the memory of. It's written with a 5th grade reading level in mind, and would be rated PG, if it were a movie. These are all games I played as a kid; as such, I'd like to keep Alastere the same way.

Alastere is presented in a very simple format. You click the text box, and the story advances! It's all coded from scratch with some very clever javascript. Wow! There's also completely custom spritework done to create the feeling of being in an old RPG battle of the time. All of the music for the comic is made on authentic hardware, too! It's all made on an actual Game Boy using a program called "Little Sound DJ". The music is all made by my good friend triplebatman.

I hope this explanation has helped you to understand better what Alastere is: A Fantasy Adventure Webcomic. If you'd like to take a read from the beginning, you can click here the frontpage of the site here!

So why a Patreon?

I work a full-time job, and Alastere is my hobby. I'd like it to be more than that. Eventually, I hope this can support me full-time, and I can dedicate my time to more updates.

About rewards

My plan is to update the Patreon stream with extra art and lore bits that I write about the world, that have no place in the comic. This can be a big explanation about how the magic system works, why each race has the clothing style they do, and so on. There's a great deal of extra content I can sit down and write about; as I said earlier, I've been thinking about this world for most of my life.

Every month, I make a desktop background with totally new art, too! As a patron, you will be able to access these, and vote in the monthly poll. In addition, you will get whatever color name you like on the Alastere discord. At the higher levels, I will display your name under every update that goes up with you as a patron, as well.

Alastere is a PG comic. I'd like to stream drawing the commissions that I have in the rewards. As such, I want to keep all commissions strictly Safe For Work. I would prefer to keep all commissions related to Alastere in some way, but this is negotiable. Message me through Patreon if there's any questions!

Lost Memori

In my years working on MUGEN, people would tell me I should make my own game. So I am. Its name is Lost Memori.

The game is still very much a work in progress, but it's basically like the old arcade game Space Harrier, except with much more. Plans for release include having a single player story mode, an arcade mode similar to an old arcade game in style (with no upgrades), and a random mode that procedurally generates a game based on a seed, which you could share, and others would be able to play that same game, which would allow you to upgrade yourself as the game goes.

The game's heroine is Mikiyo Memori. I have been working on her design, as seen above. The final game will have a weapons/update system in non-arcade mode. There's also a 'focus' ability Mikiyo has that allows her to slow down the world around her, to dodge attacks or counterattack bosses. Everything follows the rules of perspective, so there's a fair bit of translating a 3d world into a 2d presentation in the backend. I have been spending a great deal of time making all the art assets, pallettes, and level generation. Ideally eventually I would like it to have a daily seed, with a high score leaderboard, too. My plans are currently to only release it through Steam, for now. I am one person, and can only work as one person. If it becomes successful, I would have no problem expanding in the future to more systems, or making more games. I have ideas, absolutely.

About rewards

I plan on showing development work and behind the scenes previews of the game through patreon. Eventually, I would be willing to open beta testing to Patrons as well.

MUGEN work

For years I have made characters for the fighting game engine MUGEN. All of my characters are free to download from my site: - My characters have been featured for years on various MUGEN twitch streams, including SaltyBet and SpriteClub. I haven't made new characters recently, but if I could dedicate more time to it, I would be able to create more. Making characters requires a great deal of work, including spritework, animation, coding, AI creation, balance... it's a lot of work to make something right. I have a number of unreleased characters I would still like to finish.

About rewards

More free time I don't need to work a fulltime job means more characters I can work on. These will always be free, but I am willing to show development work for patrons.

And that's everything!

Thank you for reading! I would love to be able to dedicate my full time to working on my art and coding. With your help, I might.
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I will be able to dedicate my full time to my art.
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