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Hello new patron! Thanks for joining here. This makes me very happy, so I'll try to express my gratefulness in a personal message (:

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A monthly digital wallpaper. Perfect variation programm for your desktop background :-)
You can chose a picture from my website ( oder get a surprise photograph in full resolution of my recent proto project!


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I will send you a spotify playlist featuring some of my favourite piano pieces of fellow musicians. 

This is a great way to discover new music and find out who my influencers are.




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About Alice Baldwin

Hi there!

I'm Alice, a pianist and composer living & working half in busy Berlin, half in a little village in South Germany. Glad you found the way to my patreon page :-)

I've been playing the piano since I was five years old. About ten years ago I began to write my own piano pieces. I was doing that just for myself to cope with some challenging situations in my life. I enjoyed getting lost in sounds and melodies and often played for hours and hours, day and night.
Encouraged by a friend, piano builder David Klavins, I started posting some of my pieces on Soundcloud ( and was totally surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback.

This made me consider putting out more of my songs and to write new pieces. A lot of people asked me to record an album. But I always hesitated to record them, because I didn't have an acoustic piano for a long time and felt that it's a no-go to just use piano samples.

Now that I finally have an upright piano at home, this is the plan:
I'm going to take the time to record more of my pieces - I've got plenty of material, around 30 pieces - to release an album, followed by an EP in the next step.

It's a very time-consuming process to find out which pieces would fit together nicely as an album, because they are all very different. Some of them need to be rearranged or are incomplete.

These are the main challenges right now:
// Working as a freelance videographer and photographer I'm kind of trapped in earning my living and don't have enough time to work on finishing and recording my pieces.

Your support will help to:
// Pay the piano tuner
// Pay a mixing and mastering engineer
// Pay for basic acoustic room treatment in order to make professional sounding home recordings
// Give me time! With your monthly support you will help me to spend more time working on an album (and say no to other jobs)
// Wrinting piano pieces is an intense process for me, that often takes place over month or years. I want to work on accelerating this proces by taking composing lessons (seriously, yes!)
// To create sheet music of my songs and make it available for free. I can't write the sheet music myself because of lack of music theory knowledge. So I need to pay someone to write it down for me. Your backing will help to make the sheet music accessible to everyone.

I sincerely hope I can give something back for your support in the form of beautiful piano music.

- Alice
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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