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About Amy Scott Grant

Welcome to entertaining enlightenment at its best! How long have you been on this spiritual, exploratory, transformational journey of yours? Taken any detours along the way (perhaps that you wish you could've avoided)? I can't speak for you, but I have certainly taken the scenic route to get to where I am today, and I'd like to help YOU save valuable time and energy by helping you to streamline your journey. I've devoted the past 14+ years to teaching, sourcing, and sharing the absolute best, most effective tips & tools for spirituality, energy healing, and intuition...hilariously, of course.  

"Within the first month of working with Amy, she not only calmed my fears of a cheating husband, but then UNCOVERED and HEALED the root issue that was causing this fatal fear. Whew! so grateful, Happy Wife Happy Life!"  --Carrie W.

I am passionate about helping you get clear, and I do this by explaining and demonstrating the shortcuts to take, the pitfalls to avoid, and the most streamlined, efficient ways to get clear and get results. When I say "get clear," I mean two things: first, clarity. Like, what's up in your space, really, and what's keeping you stuck or confused somewhere (or with someone or something), and what's it gonna take for you to be able to move forward and do/be/have what you most want? Secondly, I refer to "getting clear" as clearing or permanently removing all obstacles such as blocks, doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs. Getting clear is my speciality. That's why they call me the Spiritual Ass Kicker and that's why you're gonna love the shizzle I'm creating for you. 

"Wow. Where to Start? Not only has Amy helped me come out of the spiritual closet but she's also ramped up my intuition and help me step into my power with a greater understanding of who I really am. Best of all, her badass business tweaks have helped me to get 4 new clients instantly with plenty more on the way (this made me in the 5 figures in just under a week)." -- Audrey M.

Why Patreon? For years, I've offered high-end mentoring and premium training programs, but now that's all changing. "Time to reach a lot more people, Amy. Patreon is your new home." Um, ok. I'm game. YES, I'll continue to create the highest quality content, as quickly and entertainingly as I can create it, and in a fashion that is well-organized and makes sense to you... but now instead of a fixed price tag of $1000s or $10000s of dollars, you get it all for just $22 per month, which means a lot more folks can get access to these delightful gems of life-altering knowledge. And this makes my stuff a whole lot more accessible to more people. 

"In the decade that I have known Amy, she has been my go-to gal when I need to gain clarity or get clear on a problem I'm stuck on. Recently, she helped me through a very difficult situation and the loss of a pregnancy. Her insights and willingness to share her intuition with me helped me move through the situation and put my attention on the excellent future outcomes with my family. Not only do I consider her my coach, but also a great friend and ally." --Shannon L.

It's clear where my talents lay: CREATING and TEACHING and CLEARING. I'm a total badass at those (as you may already know). So THANK YOU in advance for becoming a patron, so that I can continue to create, teach, and clear, all of which creates more PEACE and HAPPINESS on our planet. (Without marketing! WOOHOO!!) And I'm pretty damn excited to take you along with me on this wild ride, because at the risk of sounding like a hippie, this ripple we're creating together is all about transformation, expansion, and awareness. And that's pretty kickass in my book. 

"Anyone who has engaged Amy as their coach will agree she is extremely effective. I have experienced this first hand. Amy contains a perfect combination of practical skills, broad knowledge, humor and intuition. Her powerful transformative process is propelled by her ability to assess the root cause of your biggest blocks - the things that are keeping you from your most treasured dreams and goals. The consequence of Amy's coaching is my ability to walk away from thoughts, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve me. Since working with Amy, I have been inspired to believe in my own potential and free to creatively experiment with new approaches to gain maximum results. Not only have I seen real successful results, but also I see evidence of how I approach life differently. I highly recommend her!" -- Terri G.

"Simply Brilliant!! Amy has a way to pinpoint the issues quickly. I felt so clear which in turn gave me much needed comfort & confidence!! Forever thankful!" -- Jen C.

WONDERING HOW MUCH? On average, you can expect to see one new video insight each week. But you are only charged $22 per month, even if I provide additional videos and bonus content. Please know that I SO appreciate your willingness to support this ripple magic of shift. C'mon, sign up and join me, and let's do this!! 

"Amy is a straight shooter who doesn't sugar coat anything. She tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. She is a force to be reckoned with no doubt! What impresses me about Amy is that she is so confident, intuitively accurate and such a power house. You literally CAN ask her anything! It's pretty incredible. She knows no fear and she is able to teach you that as well. It is so important for her to be able to empower you and not just give you the silver bullet that everyone is looking for. I think because of that, she more often that not goes way above and beyond to help you succeed with your goals and wishes. Amy's work is so unique and different it is priceless. You can not put a price tag on what she does because she literally changes peoples lives (at least those who genuinely want change). I am truly grateful to have met, worked with and exceeded my goals learning from Amy. If somebody really needs a Spiritual Ass Kickin, then she is definitely the one for the job!"  --Terry R.

"Amy is a world class healer that is effective and quick. Experience intuitive rapid shifts and changes when you use her services. I highly recommend her :)" -- Sarah P.

"One of my first experiences with Amy was a Heal It Yourself (HIY) course. I actually didn't even have the money for it, though it "magically" appeared within a week! As part of that course, I filled out an intention sheet, and one of the things I wanted was a large chunk of cash to pay off debts and help out my college kids. Within 6 months' time, I received $50K!!! Honestly, I've spent YEARS and THOUSANDS going through self-help programs, trying to find my path and live my purpose, and Amy is the only one who has helped me to help myself. Amy is the ideal Spiritual Ass Kicker :-D"      -- Kimberley M.

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