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About Dylan Grinder


Who are you?

Hi! I am a graphic designer, game designer, dungeon master, and fantasy cartographer! Meaning I make art and content around Tabletop Roleplaying Games. I'm running two actual play live RPG shows a week on twitch, I produce maps and token borders for the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, and I make homebrew rules and full-blown game systems that explore new ways to play.

Best of all, I make all of that content available to you for cheap or free.

What makes you different?

I believe that RPGs have the power to change lives for the better, and I am committed to elevating the hobby. I do meaningful work within the RPG space, from running socially-conscious RPG shows that illustrate contemporary concerns to designing games that explore what it means to form an identity or to define our relationships. Regardless of what I work on, I always put in the extra work to make unique content that meet my own high standards of quality and meaning.

Why Patreon?

I believe in Patreon's ability to distribute resources within a community. I love that Patreon creates a community where members of even small means can support the creation of content that adds value to that community. I prefer this to putting my work behind paywalls, because I know the struggle of being a member of the hobby with no money to spare, and I want to be able to make content for our whole community of nerds. I want to make works that people can enjoy regardless of their financial situation — but to do that I need those of you with some dollars to spare to support that creative work.

It's true: What I do is time-consuming and requires expensive tools. Through this patreon, you are not only supporting my ability to do this work but also supporting the creation of quality content in the public domain.

What content am I supporting?

By donating, you will help me run RPG shows, design tabletop roleplaying games, and create assets for the Roll20 virtual tabletop.

旅行せよ! (Travel!) is a long-term campaign using the Japanese Tabletop RPG Ryuutama. A lighthearted romp through anime and fantasy, Travel! tells the story of four young adventurers travelling a world where the seasons are controlled by a mystical amulet that must be carried between the four lands every to change the season for the whole world. The cast includes Jessica Osborne, Summer, and LaughLoveLindy.

From Dust is an ongoing Ironsworn campaign set in an ancient world still recovering from a closely-averted apocalyptic event. The people struggle as rulers desperately cling to their power, and the cosmos casts harsh judgement on those who act selfishly. The world is on the precipice of change, however, and how it ends will be decided by the actions of a few unlikely heroes played by Summer, Kienna S, Jessica Osborne, and Adam Rowe.

Aside from RPG shows, I'm also a game designer! I've designed two full standalone TRPGs, Become (about AI solving mysteries) & Spoken Magic (about traveling a mystical world and weaving magic spells) and I design hacks, classes, and other tools for a variety of games.

My maps and token borders aim for realism and detail with satellite-style maps and token borders that mimic real-world materials. The ultimate goal for my maps and borders is always to make it easy to add production value to any campaign, improving the experience for visually-minded players while simultaneously reducing the effort the GM has to put in. Maps are specifically engineered to fit a wide variety of both classic and niche settings, and borders are designed with customization in mind to help GMs and players visually express their characters' identities.

I'm dedicated to doing my part to make our little corner of the internet as great as it can be, and I recognize the responsibility that comes with accepting support from others. I look forward to bringing you all along on this creative journey.



Fine print

Here's the lowdown on licensing of work that comes from this campaign, reward schedules, etc.

When will I get my patron rewards?
Rewards for the current month will be sent out after Patreon processes payments at the beginning of the following month. Content created by a goal will be created in the following month and released in a public post on the campaign.

Where can I use my patron rewards?
All patron rewards are free for personal use, or for use as part of a live or recorded RPG show so long as the show can be watched for free, and I don't think you're a fascist. You may NOT distribute the original files, or works that have modified the files, without my permission.

What about content made as part of a goal?
All maps and associated files that I make because of a campaign goal will be released directly into the public domain, meaning you may use it for anything you like. Documents released as part of a goal will contain their own licensing information.
$224.48 of $300 per month
I can afford to make improvements to my productions and equipment every few months. To give back to the creative community, I will make a digital map each month and release it into the public domain.

You read that right: I will make twelve more maps a year, and they will be made available COPYRIGHT FREE for use in home campaigns, published RPGs, games, or anything else you would like.

Additionally, patrons will be allowed to suggest themes/settings for the map, then I'll pick three and put them to a vote on social media!
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