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Angela Kristen Taylor

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About Angela Kristen Taylor

Are you in sales?

Are you cringing at all the things you're "supposed" to do to make the money you wanna make?

Are you trying to hustle but it's soooo not you?

How 'bout all those DISTRACTIONS keeping you from actually TAKING ACTION?

I've been in sales since I was 14... Yup... 14 years old!!! Even earlier if you count the door-to-door sales I made in my neighborhood before that! 

I started out in retail, then moved to real estate, and then coaching and I've been running a successful coaching and consulting business supporting entrepreneurs & sales professionals for the last 20 years. 

What I found is that the people who CHOOSE sales or some form of self-employment as a career, typically wanna help people, like REALLY help and support them and there's all kinds of emotional baggage that's hanging behind that need to serve.

For me, it was never wanting anyone to feel left out or abandoned because that's how I felt as a kid and was always told I was either too much or not enough and I wavered between believing all those voices and believing my own, telling me to go out and make sure no one ever believed that crap about themselves. 

My desire to SELL has always been rooted in my desire to SERVE. I'll bet yours is too. 

So here's the thing... if you wanna get better at sales, it's NOT about the hustle. I work like 45 hours a month and spend lots of time camping in the mountains with my family in our RV or out on the lake in our kayaks. I've homeschooled all five of our kids and get plenty of "me" time. I don't hustle... ever. 

Sales is about WHO you wanna serve and about TAKING ACTION to actually serve them. 

You've already heard all the regular advice, tips, and tricks on how to hit your goals... how's it working for you?

Given the fact you've landed here, I'm guessing you'd like to hear something DIFFERENT that can get you out of procrastination and distraction and into actually serving people in a big way that also just so happens to grow your bank account. Yup, you're allowed to serve others AND take care of you. 

At this point you might be wondering how weird we're gonna get...

Well, I can tell you that I dig deep into the subconscious and psychology behind why we don't actually reach out to people, get really excited about nutrition, health, and wellness, love talking about and experimenting with the metaphysical, get my metaphors from fantasy fiction, super heroes, sci-fi and 1970's-80's era cartoons, you'll always find some crystals in my pockets, and I'm actually certified to teach you how to meditate. I'm also certified as a life coach, health coach, and spiritual healer, and have been a business consultant to corporations around the globe since 2009. Oh and I've been coaching and training sales people since 2002. I've even taken some of my clients through past life regressions to get to the bottom of their sales woes. Did you know that was actually a thing??? 

So yeah... it's weird and different but I know what I'm talking about, and if your sales need some help, remember even Fred "Twinkle-Toes" Flintstone took ballet classes to be a better bowler... and it worked. ;-) 

Are you ready to get a little weird, start hitting your "shoot for the moon" sales goals in your business, actually have time for YOU, and start seeing a real life bank balance that looks like the one on your vision board? 

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