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About Pedal Powered Anthropology

My name is Joe LyonWurm, and I'm an anthropologist.

With a background in Four-Fields Anthropology, I travel on bicycle to learn about the cultural significance, history, and events of the various areas to which I travel--documenting it all, and sharing what I learn along the way.

The basic idea is to get people excited about the world around them while simultaneously humanizing the people that study it.

What I’m up to:

If you’re a fan of my work and considering contributing, you might want to know what I’m doing with the money.

As of right now I have a lot of content on YouTube, Wordpress, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, as also have two feature-length documentaries published to DVD with both home viewing and institutional licensing. These productions have helped me orient myself within the broad realm that is public anthropology while building an excellent professional network of academics and conservation enthusiasts. 

It’s on this foundation that Anthrospin has begun to come into its own as a unique and dynamic source of engaging and educational content. Going forward it seeks to provide funding to undergraduate students in anthropology to help offset the cost of their first field experiences. I know from my own experience that coming up with close to $10,000 for a field school that requires taking off of work for 3 months is NOT an easy feat to pull off.
Getting Pedal Powered Anthropology funded will allow serious anthropology students to gain access to some much needed financial help with their first field experience—whether it be towards field school tuition, airfare, or simply being able to afford to volunteer at a local archaeological dig without falling behind on bills.

In essence, the idea is to provide financing to students to be able to get their first field experience in exchange for creating content for Pedal Powered Anthropology. Content will be tailored to the strength of the student (written, photographic, documentary video, etc) and give students access to the pretty vast network of anthropologists, historians, museums, zoos, and colleges/universities with whom Anthrospin has worked in some capacity. Blunting the financial burden of obtaining field experience while establishing professional relationships is critical to the success of students facing enormous educational costs as it is.

Started in May, 2017, Pedal Powered Anthropology has been getting attention from various museums, national parks, cycling advocacy groups, and colleges. With loads of content and interest only growing, I am looking to grow Pedal Powered Anthropology beyond my own content, and recruit student interns in order to cover as wide a breadth of topics as possible and bring exciting, engaging, and fun content to an ever-growing audience base.

All contributions go directly towards the support and production of high-quality, interactive, and fun educational content with a strong commitment to ethical values—and the people who produce it—with the added bonus of being able to interact with those producing it. This is also known as "warm, fuzzy feelings."

The thing With Patreon:

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$50 per month is the baseline goal for Anthrospin. This much money per month allows Anthrospin to essentially fund itself—whether paying for a registered domain, paying for advertisements, making periodic gear purchases, or offering cheaper merch, $50 per month moves the baseline operating costs from my own pocket and allows much more autonomy in projects and content.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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