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About Tim JP Collins

Thanks for checking out The Anxiety Podcast!

Tim is the creator of The Anxiety Podcast.

Tim's approach isn't just about coping, it's about moving past Anxiety and fear to live the life you were destined for.

After following the traditional path of trying to fix his own anxiety and failing, he started experimenting on himself, this created the drive for him to want to spread the message and his findings with the world.

Tim is quickly becoming one of the leading experts when it comes to anxiety. Tim interviews people that have stories that you will be able to relate to. The interviews are raw, real and vulnerable and people share what's really going on for them.  He also shares many stories from his own life in order to help others recover.

Tim has also written The Anxiety Journal a book designed to get people to reflect and redesign their lives one day at a time.

Find out more here.

We are an independent podcast committed to supporting anyone living with anxiety, panic or stress. Hosted by Tim JP Collins, the episodes are informative, honest and engaging. The podcasts cover a wide range of topics including social anxiety, fear of flying, workplace anxiety, anxiety in children, unhealthy stress - just to name a few. With well over a million downloads the podcast is quickly building a community of people looking for support.

You can check out our previous episodes on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Every week we release an episode. These episodes are Tim’s chance to talk about a coping strategy, a personal experience, or new skills you can add to your toolbelt. Some past episodes discuss anything from how to cultivate confidence, how to disconnect, how to embrace your oddness and lots more! Generally, these episodes are 10 - 20 minutes long.

We've also done tons of amazing interviews past guests include Dave Asprey, Sean Croxton, Dr Terry Wahls, Robert Whitaker and more.

Listen to past episodes here.

We want to keep The Anxiety Podcast a free resource for anyone living with anxiety, stress or panic disorder. Although the podcast is free to listen to, it is not free to make. Your support will go towards helping the team pay their bills and buy food, website costs, audio equipment, post production fees, research and funds to create more products for our listeners to enjoy. You will, in turn, support many people around the world to overcome their anxiety.

Check out our Retreats here and take a look at The Anxiety Journal here.

Here are some resources for you to check out:

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So here's the truth.  I spend most of my waking hours thinking about the podcast and how I can produce amazing content to support you.  
We'd love to get better equipment and travel to create even more amazing content. 
So by supporting us and helping through a donation this ensures the future of the podcast. Without donations we simply can't invest as much time. 
Bottom line is if you find value and get great insights from the podcast or just happen to like listening to my finely tuned British accent then please support us!  Less Anxiety. More Life!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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