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Sanders Content Will Be Yours!🤘

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Glad you dig what you see! & Thanks for helping me make more!

The catalog of Sanders comics is coming! Old new and in-between!

The old stuff needs to be remastered, and this whole scene is getting an overhaul atm…but as we head into Spring, I’ll get you access to a proper archive of all my bro’s adventures!

Till then, please accept the humble offerings of behind-the-scene’s progress on my latest art. I'll get you full access to the Sanders Library as soon as it’s up!

Road Trip Exclusive! ☯✝🕉❓❗

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Glad you dig what you see! & Thanks for helping me make more!

Some of you saw Road Trip way back…but it hasn’t been online in ages. The story never got finished, but I’ve always intended to get back to it, like everything else.

The plan is to get the old art up to snuff and make it available for those showing this level of interest in what I’m up to! Long term, you’ll be helping me get back to this story and finish it, once and for all!!!




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About E! @ Archetypal Images ~ {Eric Wilmoth}

Welcome, One and All!

If you don't already know me, the quick story is that--like many of you--I dream of a better world. I believe in a day when humanity will wake up to its true potential and genuinely rise to face the many challenges we've collectively made for ourselves...

...and I trust that one-day we will actually learn to love and live alongside each other in peace.

These and other visions drove me to find a way to communicate that sense, from the heart...to connect with people on a truly meaningful level and to see what I could do to help that future emerge. I was inspired by all those artists, philosophers and dreamers who have come before me with a similar instinct. Drawing on that inspiration eventually led me to several, intensely creative years, where I produced a pile of artwork and stories that got me really walking down that road...and thus, Archetypal Images was born!

Here's a short excerpt of my work that actually narrates this a bit...

My instinct, since those early days, has been all about...

(The rest of this book is free to read online!)

Ok. So, if you're still getting familiar with my work, hopefully this gives you a real taste of what I'm all about...and the passion I bring to it. There's nothing I want more than to make the best work, in this spirit, and to bring it to you.

So here's the deal...
The "start" to Archetypal Images was nearly 20 years ago...and I've done a lot of things since then...but I also got lost in a lot of confusing twists and turns that life threw at me.

Things nuked out!

I moved around...got stuck in a dead-end job, and my capacity to create became little more than a trickle, for years. I've never lost the vision nor the drive to create...just the time and energy to really, effectively produce (and promote!) at my true potential.

In the past, I tossed my work up on my website for free...and eventually printed it in limited runs...went around to expensive venues with lots of other headaches involved, and was usually lucky to break even.

(yes, that would be Ryan Claytor of Elephant Eater Comics bein' a goof, behind me!)

But let's face it--that's a latter-20th century model being applied to the 21st century.

I'm finally seeing a better way to both produce and deliver content, thanks (in-part) to this-here Patreon thing.

While I've been MIA this last decade, crowdfunding has matured as a legitimate means for fans to support different creators. It's no longer the strange and almost taboo thing it once was. Combine that with the fact that my personal situation has finally come 'round to provide me with enough fuel to get this ball seriously rolling again...

...and it means that I now find myself poised to humbly reach out to you...to ask for your support in getting this enterprise back on track and moving at warp speed!

So, here's my "current," Spring 2019 elevator pitch:
At the moment I'm working on building a proper storefront where you can finally grab finished work--printed on demand--as well as some serious swag! It should be up in a few weeks.

With that in mind, I have a fair amount of completed comic art that is not, per sē, ready for sitting on a bookshelf...but it can be gotten to you online...with new work following right behind it! The idea being, that the sooner that happens the sooner it can be on someone's shelf, if they so desire.

So here's what I'm thinkin'...

...while some of my work will remain freely available, Patreon can serve as a sort of...subscription service for getting my core content out digitally, while simultaneously allowing people to give more, in order to gain access to special perks which I'll be providing...and/or to help me achieve my goals, in general.

So how does it work?!
Glad you asked! It's freaking easy as all get-out! This video does a good job of explaining it...but simply put, for as little as $1 a month you can show your support for what I'm working on.

Allow me to elaborate...

First off, If you're on mobile, my site-goals are listed at the bottom of the page...otherwise, just look to the left to see what I'm currently aiming at. Every time I hit one of those goals, I'll be able to get you more and more content.

That said, if you recognize the value in the work that I'm doing and you see how easy this platform makes it to show your support, all you gotta' decide is, how involved do you wanna' be? If you're on a desktop browser, look to the right and you'll see the various tiers I've dreamt up. By joining up, you'll be providing me with the fuel I need to get more work out faster, not to mention you will literally be compensating me for my work, automatically.

And it's simple!
You only have to sign up once, and the Patreon system will process your donation every month, without you doing another thing. You'll get notified when I make any posts, you'll unlock exclusive content and you'll know that YOU(!) are helping get it out there!

Theoretically speaking, with enough support, I could be producing full books in no-time! I live a very frugal life...I don't need much to get by, given some standards out there. If you can chip in at or above the basic tiers and help me achieve my goals, I'll be pumping out brand new comic content by summer!

Together, we will make great and wondrous things!

If you like what you see and/or hear, I hope you will opt to be part of what I'm up to! Again, with the right support I could be running at full-steam in no time...

...and when I hit 777 miles per hour...yer' gonna' see some serious $#@!


P.S. -
My latest creative offering is (What Is) The SuperMAD! Mxyz?!™ Radiocast!
This is a philosophical, music-driven, radio/talk show that is actually an Adventure Story, following the Cosmic, Hero’s Journey of SUPERMAN & Mike Allred’s MADMAN! The story is actually broken into three sections, so if you haven't heard it yet, I will recommend starting with episode 6--it's the best jumping on point for new or returning listeners!

You can find links to my other free content on my website.

Also, here's an older vid of me at a convention, where I take a moment to expound a bit more on my philosophy behind my artwork:

[My buddy, Elliot Szirtes, intrepid reporter behind the camera! (and loaner of the bad-ass microphone used in The Super-MAD! Mxyz Rock 'n' Roll Radiocast recording studio!)]
8 of 20 patrons
Last Goal Reached: 10 patrons!

Current goal: 20 patrons!

When we get there......I'll owe ya' page 2 of the unpublished, first appearance of Sanders! 😃🐓🎼🐔😎

What I'm workin' on:
  • finishing up The President Went Down To Georgia
  • weekly updates
  • new art each month
  • rebuilding/improving platform
I'm racing all I can to pump out new content. With your added support I can do that much more!

~ E!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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