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About Arkle Studios

It all began with a joke wherein I tweaked an iconic line from the movie Network to be a joke about the video game Joust. ... You had to be there.

From there it went to an anything-goes sort of podcast with an unfortunate title that I chose solely for the pun value. Once I realized the name was kinda sexist, I changed it. Did that for 2 years, then handed it off to my Step-Dad. Also a podcast where I had guests compete to cast a movie.

Then I had podcasts about Gilmore Girls (got over 100 eps in, then things went bad, in many ways; some technological, some personal), and a short lived One Hit Wonder songs podcast where my early episodes contained way too many jokes lifted from Todd in the Shadows (sorry, Todd).

And then I thought I was done with creating content for the Internet. Too many things going wrong all at once. But one day, a YouTuber named Film Brain tweeted out a link to this thing.

And the rest is history.

Welcome to Arkle Studios

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New Show: A CSI: Miami show (title to be determined). I own all ten seasons on DVD. Each set contains multiple discs, and most discs have 3-4 episodes on them. Once a month (minimum, twice if I can mange it), I will cover a disc, starting with Season 1, Disc 1, and I will continue to do this all the way up to the end of the series.
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