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  • Access to podcasts that are not available anywhere else. You get a private link to listen via your favourite podcasting app, or you can stream the audio from here.
  • Ad-free versions of the Arsecast, Arsecast Extra and Arsenal Women Arsecast
  • Podcasts include: My Arse - a chat with a well known Gooner about their life and times as an Arsenal fan; an interactive phone-in show with James from Gunnerblog; Arsenal history podcasts; the Pastcast Extra, podcasting old games as if they'd just happened, and more.
  • Exclusive live streaming videos with guests, taking viewer questions via YouTube and more
  • Free Audio book download of Together: The Story of Arsenal's unbeaten season
  • A once a month long-read: an exclusive Arsenal related article about the club, a player, its history etc.
  • Access to the Arseblog Discord chat server
  • A special monthly email update, looking back at what's happened to Arsenal, some of favourite bits from the month (assuming there are some) and more.
  • Advance notice for live events and podcast recordings, and the ability to purchase tickets before anyone else (and with a discount too!).
  • A warm, tingly glow knowing you've become an Arseblog Member, and that you're now part of a great community.
  • Other things when we think of them but they'll definitely be cool.
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About Arseblog

Online advertising is becoming increasingly annoying, but many small publishers like Arseblog are highly dependent on it for the revenue it provides. The business model of creating content and giving it away for free is not a particularly great one.

There is another way though, and that's support from our readers and listeners. If you enjoy what we do, and you'd like access to even more exclusive podcasts, articles, YouTube live streams, Discord chat, our Fantasy Football league, and more, then sign up as an Arseblog member.

We don't do clickbait, we don't do pop-ups, pop-unders, auto-playing videos or 17 things you learned about that thing you never needed to learn anything about anyway.

What we do is create great quality writing and podcasts. We have a team of people who enjoy writing and talking about the team they love. And if you get on board, we'll love you too. I mean, we love you anyway, but we'd love you just a little bit more.

Everything that we do already on Arseblog and Arseblog News remains free, the same as it always has been, but if you sign up to become an Arseblog member on Patreon you get extra with podcasts and writing that won't be available anywhere else but here. There's also an exclusive monthly email, advance notice of tickets for live podcasts and events, and other things too. 

The cost is just €5 per month + VAT if you're in an EU country, otherwise there's no VAT to pay. That works out at around £4.40, or $6 US.

That's barely the cost of a pint, a couple of takeaway coffees, or two-thirds of what's left of the Arsenal transfer budget after our January shenanigans 😉

Sign up to become an Arseblog member on Patreon today! For more details and a full FAQ, check out our membership page on the main site.

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