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About Ashes Ashes


Ashes Ashes is a show about the end of the world. These are tales of systems out of control, environmental collapse, and ultimately a broken world. Through deep research, knowledgeable guests, and historical anecdotes, Ashes Ashes brings light to failures that are often ignored or hidden just out of sight.

Our current political and economic structures are destroying the world, and our show is fundamentally premised on this fact. Because the scale of this wholesale destruction is necessarily large, and because there are very few realms being left untouched, we cover a broad diversity of topics - be they related to the environment, technology, politics, economies, or culture.

We're on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, RSS, radio, and more (but you already knew that).


Any one of these topics can serve to open the door to this fundamental premise and allow us to provide deeper examinations into how these structures operate, and their interconnections.

With each story we hope to inspire action towards fixing these problems - while we still have time to. Every episode is lovingly researched and crafted because we care, because we're optimists, and because we want a better world.

Money Goals

We strongly believe in radical transparency, and money is no exception. The amount of money we receive from donations and sticker sales is publicized on the website, and the way we use that money follows strict guidelines. 

In short, we have a number of monthly fixed costs which we hope to cover through our supporters. Once these are taken care of, money will be divided up proportionally between the two of us as hosts, the show, and action groups. We have a number of long-term visions for the show, and projects we want to do which will require additional funding. For example, we would love to hire local independent producers in various places around the world who can help us build shows specific to their region, e.g. the ongoing water shortage in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition, part of the research that goes into this show means discovering groups that are actively fighting against the destruction we discuss, and we want to be able to support these actions groups - the people we feel are making the biggest difference towards a better world. 

Fixed Costs 

We have a number of fixed costs required to make the show possible, and they are broken down monthly as follows:

  • Website host: $36 (VPS with special projects onboard)
  • Pinecast and SoundCloud (podcast hosts): $5 + $12
  • Audio processing and transcription service: $11
  • Total Monthly Fixed Cost: $64

Proportional Costs and Disbursements

After fixed costs (and money set aside for taxes), money goes towards four broad categories based on proportion:

  • Show investment (25%): Money in this category will go into our joint bank account, where it will be used for show projects, equipment, personnel, and more. We'll update with more detailed information in the future as plans cement.
  • Host salary x 2 (30% each): We both want to spend as much time as possible on the show. Currently it's necessarily a part-time activity, but income from the show will help us devote more time to research, production, special projects, and more. 
  • Action groups (15%): Part of the research that goes into this show means discovering groups that are actively fighting against the destruction we discuss, and this money will be used to support the ones we think are making the biggest difference towards a better world. 

Free Means Free

When we first started making this show, we promised everything would remain free and open access (with no ads - ever) and we're still committed to that. All Ashes Ashes episodes will always be free and available on all our publishing platforms. Further, the rewards for various tiers here are also available free of charge. If you want to listen to the exclusive bloopers and updates you can do so here and you can tune in to our discord here. We'll make stickers and buttons available outside of Patreon in the near future.

We're committed to accessibility, so if money is difficult for you or you think your funds would be better served elsewhere, please don't hesitate to use these resources. Supporting us monetarily should only be about supporting the show so we can keep making great content - perks are just our way of saying thanks and not something that should be locked behind paywalls.
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This temporary goal will allow us to clean up the unedited backlog transcripts at the rate of four per month. These transcripts are important for our hearing impaired listeners and those who can only access shows in text form.
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