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  Every person counts! One dollar is an easy way to get more answers to your streaming questions.

  • MORE TIPS: Access to my Patreon feed for more helpful advice about streaming that doesn't make it into YouTube videos or the podcast.
  • PRIVATE TWITTER: Access to my Private Twitter account for random thoughts about streaming and more, so you can get to know me a little better. 
  • VIDEO Q&A PRIORITY: Higher priority to having your questions answered in video and live Q&A's.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Get the monthly post of other Twitch training resources I recommend.
  • APPRECIATION: You get my deepest appreciation for your support. Stream Coach only grows because it’s supported by people like you in the community. Thank you!
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   Five dollars gets you additional community space you can use to learn from a group of like-minded creators. 

  • PRIVATE DISCORD ROOM: Access to our Patron-only Discord room where you can meet other creators. 
  • MONTHLY HANGOUTS: Attend a monthly private video meeting where we all hang out together for a live Q&A. These are only for patrons. 
  •  YAM FAM COMMUNITY NOTES: Access to a collaborative Google Doc. Feel free to browse the doc at any time to search for answers to your questions, and write notes from the streams or YouTube videos. 
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   You must be really serious about taking your stream seriously and building an awesome community!

  • RANDOM VIDEOS: Random recordings of my thoughts on streaming, community growth, and business development. 
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About Ashnichrist

Who are you?

It me, Ashnichrist! Welcome to my Patreon page! I create educational content for streamers on YouTube and Twitch, and I also have a weekly podcast on Anchor, Stitcher, iTunes, and Google Play. I teach people everything they need to know to pursue their dreams and learn to stream.

Why Patreon?

You are more than likely a creator yourself and you know the time and resources it takes to put content out into the world consistently. It takes a lot of money, time, and energy to create daily! 

Here's the thing guys.. Money is not my goal. I would be doing this even if I never made a dollar from it. My YouTube videos and podcast are free and always will be, but I do have to acknowledge that money is an amazing tool that helps people put themselves in a position where they can serve others better, and serving streamers better IS my goal. 

What do I get?

I want you to build the channel of your dreams and live a lifestyle you love.

All of the rewards for my Patrons are focused on getting you to that point in your life. I do things like give you access to professional streamers, provide more educational resources, host a Patron-only podcast, as well as hang out in a Patron-only community space where we can all learn from each other.

You pledge to this community on a "per piece of content" basis, so I only get paid when I make something. Right now I create 2 YouTube videos a week and 1 podcast episode per week, which equals out to 12 pieces of paid content per month. 

Did I mention you can also set a monthly limit to your pledges so you don't go over your budget? Pledge a little for each piece of content, or pledge a lot once a month to get access to higher rewards.

I can't support you :(

That's completely okay! I've struggled financially before and I truly believe your needs should be your number one priority. My podcast and YouTube videos will always be free resources for everyone.

This is for people who have enjoyed what I've been making and are in the financial situation to join our community. Please do not pledge unless you have the extra income.

And don't feel guilty if your pledge is small! You are important and loved regardless of pledge size. 

Thanks for coming! It really means a lot to me that you checked out this page. 

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I will launch! A new way for me to organize resources and help streamers who prefer to learn by reading.
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