is creating drawings of animal people with big butts

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the basic season pass for K⁠i⁠L⁠으⁠V⁠으⁠L⁠T⁠® Arcade & Waterpark. you can get in the park for free, but food & soda.. rides.. bathrooms.. still all cost money. i guess that's how they getcha.

you get free cyber café computer access tho!!! you figure you can use it to surf the WWW and print out asswolf yiff pr0n.
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the premium season pass for K⁠i⁠L⁠으⁠V⁠으⁠L⁠T⁠® Arcade & Waterpark. it's X-TREME ᴛʀᴇᴍᴇ ₜᵣₑₘₑ free soda! free rides! free bathrooms! just 4 additional bucks! X-TREME ᴛʀᴇᴍᴇ ₜᵣₑₘₑ PASS ᴩᴀꜱꜱ ₚₐₛₛ

you get all the stuff from the basic pass, but they also stop yelling at you when you spend the night in the park. sammy says they throw out so many hotdogs when they close at night and they are totally decent. it is so sick. you should come next time.
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ooh la la.. the VIP season pass for K⁠i⁠L⁠으⁠V⁠으⁠L⁠T⁠® Arcade & Waterpark. food? it's included. you can get a one-gallon bucket of soggy nuclear-yellow food court nachos for free, then come back in 10 minutes and do it again. bathrooms? they're included, and they're actually clean. yep, that's right — you get to use the vip bathrooms. wanna fuck with the ride controls? be our guest. who gives a shit.

plus the card is glittery gold plastic.
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About oriole

hi! you might know me as oriole, or as tori. sometimes i do drawings. my art explores the question of what a wolf would look like with a big butt

maybe you've seen my characters, like hella di satana, candy mcgee, various asswolves, or vic venti -- i've been doing risqué furry stuff onine since like 2008!

kilovolt is a toony 90s first-person shooter universe. it's kind of surreal and goofy and sometimes kind of emo. i really want to make a game out of it.

i thought i'd make a patreon just as kind of a tip jar. i'm not interested in having a paywall and i don't do commissions, but i was thinking of doing some patron-only stuff if folks are interested! like:

  • blog posts about my characters and their world!
  • small doodles and work-in-progress stuff!
  • finished drawings a little early

you can go to asswolf.com for links to the other sites i use, and.. thank you so much for checking this out! <3

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