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Your reward is the knowledge that I will be marginally less likely to starve to death and/or be eaten by alligators. Also, a hearty high-five if we ever run into each other on the street. I'll recognize you. Don't worry.
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$5 every month basically makes you an Executive Producer in this economy. For that, I'll credit you in every episode of Dice Funk by whatever name you want.

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If I somehow manage to secure the Bloody Roar license, I will make you a character in the next installment. You can have any zoanthrope that isn't already taken (gotta respect the canon, yo).




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About Austin Yorski

- Wait, who are you again?
If you're here then you probably know me from The BT Podcast, Word Funk, or Dice Funk. You can see 200+ examples of my work here on Patreon, including archived podcast episodes, essays, interviews, and reviews.

- So... what exactly are you doing?
Word Funk - "Autobiographical Nightmare" Improv Comedy
Dice Funk - D&D Radio Drama

- Why do you need money?
Short answer: capitalism is mandatory.

Long answer: making a living on the internet in a post-Buzzfeed world is nearly impossible. High quality original content can really only be funded by huge sites like IGN or directly by fans. Also, podcast files cost money to host and I like to support talented artists like the people behind D&D and the wonderful Dice Funk title card illustrators.

That's where you come in.

- How serious are you about buying Bloody Roar?
This started as a joke, but now I’m actually kind of serious? Let’s save Bloody Roar from Konami.
$1,736.86 of $2,500 per month
Bonus episodes!!! In addition to your regularly scheduled Sunday episode, this goal will allow me to finance additional content, including a side campaign, supplementary material, and even non-tabletop content.
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