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The cup-bearer serves an important role in any court, as it's their duty to pour and serve drinks at the royal table. When a cup-bearer is fully actualized in their role, they are trustworthy and understand how to execute their duty to the highest degree possible. Historically, cup-bearers have been king-preservers and even king-makers.

The shadow aspect of the cup-bearer is one who conspires with a would-be usurper to poison their lord themselves - the ultimate breach of trust for someone in an otherwise honorable position.

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The scholar understands how to go about researching and attaining deeper knowledge about a variety of subjects. Those on the path of wisdom will need to spend some time as a lover of books and learning before any true wisdom can be attained. The successful scholar understands that knowledge is fleeting, that no matter how much you've learned there's always a lot more you don't know, and that epistemological crises are just a feature of our complex modern world.

The shadow aspect of the scholar is one who goes down the path of false or misleading knowledge and is no longer able to recognize truth from falsehood.

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Wandering Sage

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The wandering sage is one who has embarked on the hero's journey to attain greater wisdom and perspective. Gaining esoteric and unexpected wisdom through their travels, the wandering sage is open-minded and excited at the prospect of encountering new ideas and diverse ways of being.

The shadow aspect of the wandering sage is the tourist who visits all of the sites but never learns anything, and someone who pursues experiences for the sake of sharing them on their social media profiles.

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About Bad Philosopher

Hi Everyone!

Every week, we put out a weekly hour-long podcast about philosophy, practical wisdom, or other big-picture topics like existential risks. We're trying to create the best philosophy podcast, blog, and community on the internet. And the only we we can do that is with the support of Patrons like you!

We also have bonus content for Patrons and paying members through our website (that's right: we have paid membership options through as well). Everyone at the $5 tier or above gets access to a weekly Companion Podcast episode where I do a recap of the latest episode, respond to any comments or questions from fans, and provide some additional follow-up thoughts on what we covered. These are typically going to be around 30 minutes long, but that will also depend on how many comments/questions we get each week.

We just launched in January of 2022 - so if you're reading this now, that means you're here early! If you do choose to become a supporter of Bad Philosopher, I will be forever grateful! But if that's not something you're able to do right now, then I'd just be happy for you to enjoy and/or share our freely available regular episodes.

Thank you so much for being a listener and supporter!

Dan Levesque

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The first goal is to get to 15 patrons: once we get here, I'll start hosting regular livestreams.

The first 15 patrons will also be immortalized on the Bad Philosopher website. From now until eternity, you'll be known as "The First 15." Let me know if you have any better suggestions for a group name.

Once that's in the bag, I'll create some more goals :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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