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About Eric Kauschen

I have been creating this blog since the year 2005. I have a love for San Francisco and feel since I am one of the few natives [3rd generation native!] left that it is my duty to share everything I've learned from the history and culture in this wonderful city.

San Francisco is not a cheap city to live in. To be honest, it was never cheap compared to other places, but that never stopped any of us from coming here. I would humbly accept your patronage to further pursue my work of bringing you the biggest and best of the past, present and future of San Francisco.
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My computer setup is going on 10 years now and while it still works just fine, it's a little difficult to get it to move at the same pace as me. This amount will cover the purchase of a new computer as well as upgrading my audio/video equipment so that I can be better, faster, stronger. Better lighting would be nice too.

San Francisco is also a very difficult city to get ahead in. No one knows this better than me when during the last recession I was out of work for over 2 years. I rang up a lot of debt and almost lost everything I own. I'm still trying to pay that off and I believe with the new equipment it will help make my blog and soon to be upgraded video channel more profitable. Unfortunately, do to the draconians that be in the tech world I can't use PayPal or Google's AdSense anymore for income so I'm hoping this will help.
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