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  • My Eternal Thanks
  • Joining my Community
    • A welcome and warm group!
    • Make friends and relax in this small community!
    • Please be 18+.
  • Discord Access
    • Special role when joined
    • Talk about anime, games, OCs, your craft, etc
    • Must be 18+ to join
    • Movie nights, a good place to get sprints in, a productive space
  • Exclusive Content
    • Aesthetic boards, covers, character art, and more before they go public on Twitter and other social media sites.
    • Stories before submission and possibly a chance to read it before it goes out
    • Seeing blog links for my book review blog, first to see YouTube videos
    • First to know about other exclusive stuff!
  • Behind the Scenes
    • My actual thoughts on discourse
    • Updates on my writing career in general
    • Favorite snippets (expect spoilers) and gushing
    • Game, stream, YouTube, etc ideas and more
  • Name in the Acknowledgements
    • With permission, your name/alias will be featured in all books (self-published, traditional) and other editable media (i.e. YouTube videos).
Includes Discord benefits
  • My Eternal Thanks
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Private Discord Community
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Early access
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital)


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reward item
per novel & web novel
  • Discord Access
    • Special role when joined
    • Secret channels activated
  • Social Media Shoutouts
    • Special shoutout on Twitter when applicable
    • Verbal shoutouts on stream and YouTube
  • Exclusive Requests
    • Suggest a short story, light novel, or novel idea
    • Suggest a YouTube video idea
    • Suggest a game to play on stream
    • Suggest a movie/show/anime for movie nights
  • Free Aesthetic Board
    • Perfect for your book, character, etc!
    • One request per month (and posted on Patreon and my Twitter publicly).
    • You don’t have to provide pictures, but it helps.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Private Discord Community
  • Exclusive voting power
  • Patron shout-out
  • Fan requests
  • Free Aesthetic Board


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reward item
per novel & web novel
  • Discord Access
    • Special role when joined
    • All secret channels activated (per tier)
  • Character Letters
    • Request any character you want the letter from
    • Posted on Ko-Fi publicly and e-mailed to you personally.
    • Keep it safe for the public!
    • Ask one question per month
  • OCs in Story
    • Tier exclusive OCs will appear as one time or side characters
    • They will not be killed but have a speaking role (if temporary)
    • You will always own that character
    • If you want to be referenced (by your or your oc’s name), that’s completely up to you.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Private Discord Community
  • Character Letters
  • OCs in Story




per novel & web novel

About L.C. Star

Hey everyone! I'm Lily and I'm primarily a web novelist but I'm also trying to become traditionally published with my more original ideas. The goal is to become a full-time writer -- focusing my time and energy on writing, revising, and posting web novels and working on traditional novels that do get submitted. Every dollar would put me closer to writing full-time and that much closer for me to accomplish my dream.

For as low as $1 per chapter, you can help support me. You can always set a monthly max so I don't overcharge you as I post more chapters and updates. Patreon supporters will get charged per submission and Ko-Fi supporters will get charged per month.

Within the rewards, I may include more to give you but I will do my best to update this as much as I can. Feel free to join the Discord (provided in your membership tab) to meet more people and hang out with me more! If you don't want to give your money to Patreon, but still want to support me -- here's a Ko-Fi version of the same membership benefits.

If you wish to see what type of stuff I write, you can find me on these profiles here. Of course, I'm not limited to certain genres, but feel free to take a gander anyway!
$1.80 of $50 per novel & web novel
Commissioned art. This will enable me to save up and pay artists for covers, character designs, reference sheets, and so much more. Of course, they will be credited for every post they're included in and will be part of the rewards.
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